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Dr. Richard Fireman, Public Policy Coordinator for Interfaith Power & Light, a program of the NC Council of Churches, discusses the challenges we face with climate change and our moral responsibility for addressing this critical issue from a spiritual perspective, as well as scientific. Copenhagen, Mountain Top Removal mining, melting glaciers, and the disproportionate impacts of climate change as a result of human activities are some of the problems discussed, while offering solutions of embracing compassion, respect for life and living a spiritually active life.
Part One. Originally aired 12-27-2009.
Part Two. Originally aired 12-27-2009.

Jennifer Rennicks, Federal Policy Director for the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, discusses the background and issues of energy policy and climate change at Copenhagen’s UN International Climate Conference. Attending the ICC, along with Dr. Stephen Smith, SACE Director, and other staff, Jennifer outlines both positive and negative outcomes for the Southeast impacting agriculture, energy, economics and climate. Follow live blogs, twitter, webinars and more of the historic ICC meeting from www.cleanenergy.org
Part One. Originally aired 12-13-2009.
Part Two. Originally aired 12-13-2009.

One of the most important common denominators in understanding the relationships of energy, environment and economic issues is education. Nancy Doyle shares her decades of experience as a successful and effective teacher, and reflects on the responsibilities of educators, students and their parents in today’s complex world. A serious discussion, yet light hearted and personal, of a range of topics from public school financing to a reading of Emily Dickinson’s poem “Hope”.
Part One. Originally aired 12-06-2009.
Part Two. Originally aired 12-06-2009.

Award winning Evergreen Community Charter School in Asheville, NC, invites you to visit and explore environmental education, a community cob and straw bale building project, student interview and the 3rd grade class singing the original song “We All Live Downstream”. Eleanor Ashton and Terry Deal, Evergreen faculty, along with Heath Moody, building instructor at AB-Tech, and Tony Burskins, cob builder and community collaborator, take part in a charming and eclectic program about environmental education.
Part One. Originally aired 11-29-2009.
Part Two. Originally aired 11-29-2009.

Talking Turkey at Thanksgiving… and chickens, cows and pigs, too! Informative and thought provoking, Stewart David of Carolina Animal Action discusses the impacts of the current industrial meat production systems on our environment, climate change, world hunger issues, health and more. Ben Franklin’s choice for our national bird? What inconvenient truth did Al Gore gloss over? Does a canine tooth make you a carnivore?
Part One. Originally aired 11-22-2009.
Part Two. Originally aired 11-22-2009.

Should commercial wind power be permitted through a NC state & local regulatory process or be banned in Western North Carolina? Russel Blevins, Coordinator for the Mountain Valleys Resource Conservation & Development, Inc, Paul Quinlan, Director of Economic Research & Development with the NC Sustainable Energy Association, and Ulla Britt-Reeves, Program Coordinator with Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (2nd half of program) join host Ned Ryan Doyle for a discussion of the issue following a public wind forum held 11-11-09.
Part One. Originally aired 11-15-2009.
Part Two. Originally aired 11-15-2009.

With both energy and climate national legislation headline stories, Our Southern Community shares breaking news about the so called ‘new generation’ of nuclear reactors that casts a serious cloud over their costs and engineering viability. Mary Olson, Southeast Coordinator for the Nuclear Information and Resource Network, NIRS, discusses the latest information and the tens of billions in tax dollars being lobbied for by the nuclear industry, despite far less expensive and far more effective options available today to address climate change, energy needs and the economy.
Part One. Originally aired 11-08-2009.
Part Two. Originally aired 11-08-2009.

Our Southern Community visits Hendersonville High School in Henderson, NC for their Symposium on Sustainability week and Habitat for Humanity project that included 700 students helping to build a home. Kay Youngblood, HHS social studies teacher and coordinator, Julie Honeycutt Resources Development Director for Habitat for Humanity and HHS senior students Olivia Palmer and Tyler Matthews discuss this unique educational and community service effort.
Part One. Originally aired 11-01-2009.
Part Two. Originally aired 11-01-2009.

Betty Robinson, 87 years young, talks of her life and her ongoing activism from the 1940’s to today. Artist, activist and computer savvy budding author, she offers insights and opinions on environmental and social issues from a long term perspective that can empower anyone at any age. Arrested for civil disobedience protesting Duke Power’s coal fired Cliffside plant just this past April, she demonstrates you’re never to old to take a stand!
Part One. Originally aired 10-25-2009.
Part Two. Originally aired 10-25-2009.

Electric vehicles for neighborhood and community use with a 50 mile range are here today. Susan Murdoch, co-owner of Murdoch Golf & Specialty Vehicles in Etowah NC, discusses the background, development, history, tax incentives and efforts to expand awareness for these street legal, low cost, zero emission point-of-use vehicles. DC motors or AC motors, safety equipment requirements, emerging legislation and more is covered.
Part One. Originally aired 10-18-2009.
Part Two. Originally aired 10-18-2009.

Our Southern Community visits Appalachian State University in Boone, NC to interview Dr. Dennis Scalin, Director of the AT Programs, about the potential for responsible wind power in North Carolina. Green jobs, regional economic development, educational programs and environmental protection are some of the benefits associated with clean, renewable wind energy.
Part One. Updated from the original broadcast June, 2009.
Part Two. Updated from the original broadcast June, 2009.

PowerShift 09 and environmental activism is discussed with Nina Otter and Mark Begley, seniors at Warren Wilson College in the Environmental Leadership Program. Speaking for themselves as engaged young environmental activists, they discuss the issues, their motivations, the options and our responsibility for a sustainable future, such as the upcoming PowerShift 09 conferences with thousands of students nationwide.
Part One. Originally aired 9-27-2009.
Part Two. Originally aired 9-27-2009.

Tracey Davids, Executive Director, and Ben Pretor, Associate Director, of WildSouth — a public lands conservation organization serving the SE region — discuss the achievements and successes in protecting the regional environment, current heritage preservation programs and more in context of the new awareness and appreciation of the need to conserve our natural treasures.
Part One. Originally aired 9-20-2009.
Part Two. Originally aired 9-20-2009.

Duke Energy is asking the NC Utilities Commission to charge ratepayers nearly 2 billion dollars to complete the coal burning Cliffside project. The first of several rate increase proposals range from 18% to 20% of current charges. Ulla Reeves, Regional Program Director for the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy; Julie Mayfield, Executive Director of the WNC Alliance; Dr. Richard Fireman Public Policy Coordinator for InterFaith Power & Light and Mike Cherin, organizer for the Energy Action Coalition join host Ned Ryan Doyle for a panel discussion of why the Cliffside coal burning project is not needed and is a poor investment for ratepayers, citizens and the environment.
Part One. Originally aired 9-13-2009.
Part Two. Originally aired 9-13-2009.

Maggie Ullman, Energy Coordinator for the City of Asheville, NC, discusses the benefits and $65,000 in savings already achieved on the municipal level by implementing a more holistic energy strategy. Beyond traditional conservation efforts, Maggie explains the range of approaches from employee participation to data management making Asheville a regional leader in approaching energy use, conservation and reducing the overall ‘carbon footprint’ of a city.
Part One. Originally aired 9-09-2009.
Part Two. Originally aired 9-09-2009.

John Swann, co-owner of GreenLife Grocery and owner of Maple Creek Farms, offers a detailed explanation of the negative impacts of current agricultural practice, from chemical use and soil depletion to loss of genetic diversity, while highlighting the positive solutions for long term sustainable food production options that are already developing today.
Part One. Originally aired 8-16-2009.
Part Two. Originally aired 8-16-2009.

Mike & Paula Moore of Ampmobiles Conversions, LLC share the latest on electric vehicles, battery technology, the expanding commercial market and the increasing demand for personal conversion vehicles that are fully electric. Experienced conversion experts, they outline the requirements and their approach to teaching Do-It-Yourself conversions with intensive workshops that include hands on construction of an electric vehicle in each class.
Part One. Originally aired 8-09-2009.
Part Two. Originally aired 8-09-2009.

Jeff Brooks, spokesperson for Progress Energy Carolinas, outlines a range of new company programs for residential and business customers, such as Energy Wise, Home Energy Improvement Program, Sunsense and more that offer information, guidance, rebates and other support to encourage energy efficiency and clean energy development, increase community involvement, such as the “250 MW of Community Action” effort and help transition to a new utility model for providing energy services beyond traditional power generation.
Part One. Originally aired 8-02-2009.
Part Two. Originally aired 8-02-2009.

Jill Rios, Director of Interfaith Power and Light, a program of the NC Council of Churches, talks about the range of their programs designed to engage the faith communities in environmental stewardship, from energy efficiency in church buildings and homes to educational opportunities, plus the upcoming “Faith in Action”, a special forum of diverse regional faith leaders exploring how anyone can make a difference in protecting our planet.
Part One. Originally aired 7-26-2009.
Part Two. Originally aired 7-26-2009.

Mountain Top Removal is the topic of the discussion as Mike Roselle, long time nationally known activist, explains the devastation of coal extraction in West Virgina from this mining practice that levels biodiverse regions into gravel fields and destroys streams, fills in valleys and impacts local communities. A first hand account of the hidden costs of coal extraction in one of the poorest states in America.
Part One. Originally aired 7-19-2009.
Part Two. Originally aired 7-19-2009.

Dave Hollister, CEO of Sundance Power Systems, Inc. in Weaverville, NC and long time environmental leader discusses the expanding solar and clean energy economy, the investments and incentives in renewable technologies for homeowners and businesses alike, framed in a larger social and environmental perspective.
Part One. Originally aired 7-12-2009.
Part Two. Originally aired 7-12-2009.

The WNC Alliance’s Executive Director Julie Mayfield, Outreach Manger Ryan Griffith, and Chair of Steering Committee D.J. Gerken discuss environmental activism in the region, transitions over the years into professional careers and the opportunities today for citizens to preserve their local communities.
Part One. Originally aired 7-05-2009.
Part Two. Originally aired 7-05-2009.

Dr. Larry Shirley, Director of the NC State Energy Office and Reid Conway, SEO Programs Manager, join Ned Ryan Doyle for an up to date discussion on energy issues in the region, including state government initiatives for energy efficiency, clean energy generation potential and new citizen and utility cooperation with the proposed “250 MegaWatts of Community Action” campaign.
Part One. Originally aired 6-28-2009.
Part Two. Originally aired 6-28-2009.

Tom Rioux, founder and owner of Earthpaint, Inc., discusses his development of a unique line of internationally available natural, non-toxic wood finishes and paints, after his personal experience of severe allergic reactions to conventional petrochemical paints.
Part One. Originally aired 6-14-2009.
Part Two. Originally aired 6-14-2009.

Mary Olson, Southeast Coordinator for the Nuclear Information and Resource Service, outlines the escalating cost estimates, federal taxpayer burdens, waste storage expenses and ‘tax hikes’ for utility customers associated with the proposed new nuclear power plants in the nation.
Part One. Originally aired 6-07-2009.
Part Two. Originally aired 6-07-2009.

Greg Lavell and David Madiera of Hemtech LLC discuss industrial hemp applications, some history and green building techniques using hemp with host Ned Ryan Doyle
Part One. Originally aired 5-31-2009.
Part Two. Originally aired 5-31-2009.

Cecil Bothwell, author, commentator, writer and green policy advocate joins Ned Ryan Doyle for a lively romp of global, national and local issues of the environment, energy & economics.
Part One. Originally aired 5-24-2009.
Part Two. Originally aired 5-24-2009.

Author and journalist Michael Hopping reports on the 2 years of meetings held by the Community Energy Advisory Council, a project of Progress Energy of the Carolinas, formed in the wake of a Woodfin power plant rejected by the citizens of WNC.
Part One, original air date 5-10-09.
Part Two, original air date 5-10-09.

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