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The Annual Year in Review 2012 program, with Cecil Bothwell – author, commentator, builder and member of Asheville City Council. The election, Citizens United, climate issues, energy policy, gun violence and more are covered in the now traditional conversation with host Ned Ryan Doyle. Original Air Date 12-30-12.
YearinReview2012 Part 1 12-30-12

YearinReview2012 Part 2 12-30-12
YearinReview2012 Part 3 12-30-12
YearinReview2012 Part 4 12-30-12

Jennifer Flynn, Town Clerk Marshall NC and Franzi Sharin, Asheville Grown Business Alliance discuss the development of sustainable local and regional economies based on the natural capital and creative resources available. Original Air date 12-23-12
SustainableEconomy Part 1 12-23-12

SustainableEconomy Part 2 12-23-12
SustainableEconomy Part 3 12-23-12
SustainableEconomy Part 4 12-23-12

Julie Mayfield, Executive Director of the WNC Alliance and Ken Brame, Political Chair of the Sierra Club WNC discuss the implications and challenges we face in the wake of the Nov. 2012 elections nationally and regionally on environmental efforts and economic development in NC. Original Air Date 12-16 12.
Sierra WNCA Part 1 12-16-12

Sierra WNCA Part 2 12-16-12
Sierra WNCA Part 3 12-16-12
Sierra WNCA Part 4 12-16-12

Kelly Martin with the Asheville Beyond Coal Campaign provides a clear outline of the problems with coal as an energy source, the ongoing actions to get beyond coal and the positive solutions and options that are already displacing coal in the USA. Original Air Date 12-9-12
Beyond Coal Part 1 12-9-12

Beyond Coal Part 2 12-9-12
Beyond Coal Part 3 12-9-12
Beyond Coal Part 4 12-9-12

Ginseng – used for thousands of years, and the demand has only grown. Robert Eidus and Jerry Page discuss the history of ginseng, current efforts to develop ginseng as a forest crop for export and the upcoming International American Ginseng Expo Dec 7 & 8. Original Air Date 12-2-12
GinsengCon Part1 12-2-12

GinsengCon Part2 12-2-12
GinsengConPart3 12-2-12
GinsengCon Part4 12-2-12

Women in Business, social enterprises, sustainability, regional economics and much more is discussed with Daniele Martin, SaraDay Evans, Tiffany Narron and Kimberly Hunter. Ready to be inspired about an emerging social and economic force? Join us for a thought provoking and informative conversation!Original Air Date 11-25-12.
WomenBusinessPart 1 11-24-12
WomenBusinessPart 2 11-24-12
WomenBusinessPart 3 11-24-12

WomenBusinessPart 4 11-24-12

Alan Muskat, national expert on wild mushrooms and foraging as a teacher, writer and educator shares his experience and observations on mushrooms, wild foods, natural diets, local food ventures, our health and more. Original Air Date 11-18-12
AlanMuskatPart 1 11-18-12-1

AlanMuskat Part 2 11-18-12-1
AlanMuskat Part 3 11-18-12-1
AlanMuskat Part 4 11-18-12-1

With all the focus on the recent election, there’s been new news on the nuclear power front. Mary Olson, SE Coordinator for the Nuclear Information and Resource Service outlines the recent court rulings, impacts on nuclear power systems during “superstorm” Sandy and more. Original Air Date 11-11-12
OSC Part 1 11-11-12

OSC Part 2 11-11-12
OSC part 3 11-11-12
OSC Part 4 11-11-12

Cecil Bothwell, author, writer, builder, Asheville City Council person and political observer joins Our Southern Community for an overview of the 2012 Election issues, from local issues to the national level. No matter what your views… Get Out and VOTE! Original Air Date 11-4-12
OSC Election Part 1 11-4-12

OSC Election Part 2 11-4-12
OSC Election Part 3 11-4-12
OSC Election Part 4 11-4-12

What happens when an industry contaminates a community, causing cancers and then avoids responsibility? Lee Ann Smith and Gabe Dunsmith, South Asheville citizen activists and Katie Hicks, Assistant Director of Clean Water for NC discuss the long history of the CTS site in Asheville, the personal consequences and community efforts to reach a resolution. Original Air Date 10-21-12
OSC CTS Part 1 10-21-12

OSC CTS Part 2 10-21-12
OSC CTS Part 3 10-21-12
OSC CTS Part 4 10-21-12

Hal Oliver, Supreme Commander of Oliver Organiks, joins Our Southern Community for a discussion of organic gardening, farmers markets, nuclear power, energy issues and more in a wide ranging conversation from a leader in sustainable farming.Original Air Date 12-14-12.
OSCpart1 10-14-12

OSCpart2 10-14-12
OSCpart3 10-14-12
OSCpart4 10-14-12

Dayna Reggero, sustainable event coordinator, Jackelin Trevino with Beyond Coal Campaign and Hartwell Carson, French Broad Riverkeeper, explain how rivers, watersheds, ecology, coal power & it’s waste products, college students, live music, local foods and fun along the banks of the Logman River….. have in common. Original Air Date 10-07-12
OSC Longman River 10-7-12 Part 1

OSC Longman River 10-7-12 Part 2
OSC Longman River 10-7-12 Part 3
OSC Longman River 10-7-12 Part 4

Karen Vizzina, coordinator for the True Nature Country Fair & TEDxKatuah, along with Pat Battle of Living Web Farms, discuss the upcoming weekend of of workshops, children’s activities, entertainment and more, focusing on sustainability in our Katuah bioregion. Original Air Date 9-22-12
OSCpart1 9-22-12

OSCpart2 9-22-12
OSCpart3 9-22-12
OSCpart4 9-22-12

Mary Olson, SE Coordinator with Nuclear Information Resource Service, outlines the recent developments in nuclear power, from recent court ruling to Fukishima to regional proposed power plants. Original Air Date 9-15-12.

Join Maggie Leslie, Program Director, and Melanie Brethauer, Civil Engineer and Board Member, of the WNC Green Building Council for a conversation on the new “Green Gauge” program, water and site issues, certification, energy efficiency and more. Original Air Date 9-9-2012
GBC Part 1 9-9-2012

GBC Part 2 9-9-2012
GBC Part 3 9-9-2012

Richard Fruedenberger, publisher of BackHome Magazine, joins Our Southern Community to discuss a range of current topics, from green building to energy efficiency and renewable energy to ethanol and biofuels. With decades of experience in sustainable technologies and 22 years of publishing BackHome Magazine, the ‘Hands on Guide to Sustainable Living’ , Richard provides both a technical and historical view. Original Air Date 9-2-12


Jon Snover, Director, and Haven Hanford, Program Assistant, with the Global Institute for Sustainable Technologies (GIST) at AB Technical College discuss the wide range of continuing ed classes, 2 year SST degree program, special projects and business incubator and more, all supporting the development of sustainable jobs and our economy. Original Air Date 8-26-12
OSC 8-26-12 Part One AB Tech

OSC 8-26-12 Part Two Ab Tech
OSC 8-26-12 PartThree AB Tech

Charlie Jackson, Executive Director and Maggie Cramer, Communications Manager, with Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project cover a wide range of ongoing projects in the local foods movements. Tailgate Markets, CSA’s. “Food of the Month” specials, new apps for finding farmers, shops and produce, school programs and more! Original Air Date 8-19-12


Transition Asheville is part of the Transition Movement worldwide, now officially the 88th in the USA, out of about 500 worldwide. Jonah Bolt, Housing & Building Action Committee member discusses the projects, actions, efforts and events of the Asheville group, from food to housing to spirituality. Original Air Date 8-12-12.


A wide ranging conversation with Bob Kornegay, Project Director and Master Permaculturalist, with the Foothills Connect “Gas to Green” project. What do landfill gases, greenhouses, worms, compost and food production have in common? Find out! Original Air Date 8-5-12


A new double feature, Tom Palumbo with Veterans for Peace and Mary Olson with Nuclear Information and Resource Service. First a discussion of the impacts of war on our environment and economy, then an update on the Fukishima disaster and implications for the United States. Original Air Date 7-22-12


Anna Jane Joyner, Community Organizer, and Hartwell Carson, French Broad Riverkeeper, with the WNC Alliance discuss ongoing efforts in the region including water quality, coal ash pond problems, the new French Broad River Paddle Trail, Beyond Coal Campaign and more. Original Air Date 7-15-12
OSC WNCA 7-15-12 Part1
OSC WNCA 7-15-12 part 2
OSC WNCA 7-15-12 Part 3

“Fracking in NC”:  Since this program originally aired, Gov. Perdue vetoed SB 820, legislation allowing hydraulic fracturing – ‘fracking’- in NC, after a reported 10,000 comments from citizens to Gov. Perdue opposed to ‘fracking’. She made the correct decision with her veto- yet due to an “accidental vote” AND a bought off legislator from Wilmington- the veto was overidden.
Once illegal in NC, ‘fracking’ is now allowed.
The veto overide vote has opened the door to citizen’s losing their private property to corporations for drilling, contaminated water supplies for 100’s of thousands or more, air pollution, loss of agricultural lands, additional taxpayer burdens for roads and services, contaminated wastewater issues from the process, loss of NC jobs and more. This interview with Katie Hicks, Assistant Director for Clean Water for NC, explains the impacts and repercussions from around the country that may well now happen in NC. Please share this interview, Our Southern Community needs to be informed.

Dave Hollister, President of Sundance Power Systems, joins host Ned Ryan Doyle for a wide ranging conversation on renewable energy, environmental challenges of conventional energy sources, economic opportunities and the current state of affairs for sustainable development. Original Air Date 6-17-12

Lou Zeller, ED of Blue Ridge Defense League, and Laura Sorenson, Chair of SAFE Carolinas, discuss the consequences and challenges of the proposed nuclear power plant in Gaffney, SC. From water usage of the Broad River, to health impacts to the mounting costs in the billions of dollars paid by ratepayers and taxpayers, this is an energy source that is too expensive to matter. Original Air Date 6-10-12
OSC BREDL 6-10-12 part one
OSC BREDL 6-10-12 Part Two
OSC BREDL 6-10-12 part Three

An on location visit to the “Green Opportunities” community project in Asheville NC, with project and team leaders Torin Kexel, Anna Marie and Kelvin Bonilla. How can we create’green’ jobs that benefit our local communities, provide life skills and a solid career path for people facing difficult challenges? Discover how home weatherization programs, green building, job training and community development ( and break dancing & stand up comedy ) can all work together! Original Air Date 5-27-12.
GreenOpportunitiesPartOne 5-27-12
GreenOpportunitiesPartThree 5-27-12

Brian Rosa, DENR Specialist in Organic Recycling, discusses composting, vermiculture, his global travels ‘on the back of worms’, business opportunities in composting and recycling, sanitation and safety and much more in a fascinating conversation on the many aspects and details of composting.
Original Air Date 5-13-12.

GroWNC is a collaborative regional planning effort coordinated by Land of Sky Regional Council, with Carrie Runser-Turner,  Senior  Planner with Land of Sky and Lang Hornthal, Steering Committee member and owner of Appalachian Designs. Join us to find out what it takes to incorporate planning for economic development, transportation, resource conservation, energy use and much more. Original Air Date 5-13-12.
GroWNC (PartTwo).05.13.12

An on location interview with Kymber Owens and Woody Eaton of Blue Ridge Biofuels discussing the production achievements in the last year, the new citizen cooking oil collection program, the beginnings of an “F3″ program “Feed, Fryer & Fuel’ incorporating local agriculture and more. Original Air Date 5-6-12.

World renowned activist and physician Dr. Helen Caldicott shares her experiences and observations about the health impacts and costs of nuclear power and weapons worldwide, from regional bomb making factories to contamination in Iraq, the socialism of nuclear power in the United States and ways to get educated and join the worldwide movement to end the nuclear madness.
Original Air Date 4-29-12.
Part One. Originally Aired 4-29-12
Part Two. Originally Aired 4-29-12

A discussion of Amendment One on the NC ballot May 8th, with Liz MacNeil, Tyler McCall and Matthew Turpin who explore in detail the ramifications the passage would have on children, families, domestic violence, equal rights and the economy in the state of North Carolina.
PartOne. OriginallyAired 4-15-12
PartTwo. Originally Aired 4-15-12

Agriculture, food supplies, Genetically Modified Organisms, local food production and more are the topics this week with John Swann, food industry consultant, farmer, business owner and regional agricultural expert. Largely ignored by most Americans, the issues of food insecurity, energy supplies and overall quality are critical factors for our economy and environment.
Part One. Originally aired 4-8-2012
Part Two. Originally aired 4-8-2012

The first Our Southern Community Broadcast on MAIN FM 103.5 and AFM, the Asheville Free Media Project.  Ned Ryan Doyle and Mary Olsen, the SE Coordinator for the Nuclear Information and Resource Service discuss the repercussions of the accident at Japan’s Fukishima nuclear power plant, just over one year ago.
Part One. Originally aired 4-1-2012
Part Two. Originally aired 4-1-2012

Our Southern Community’s last show on WNCW.  Ned Ryan Doyle discusses Harvest Time, a community supported agriculture project, with Tara Sing, Harvest Time’s coordinator, Charles Keifer, the project’s CSA Operative, and Dr. Elizabeth Harding, of Hendersonville Home Grown and a specialist in preventative medicine.
Part One.  Originally aired 2-25-2012
Part Two.  Originally aired 2-25-2012

Katie Hicks, Assistant Director of Clean Water for North Carolina and Barry Summers, local community activist join Ned Ryan Doyle to discuss both historical and current controversy regarding control of our regional water supply.  With city, county and private entities vying for rights to the water system , this show explores all of the options and possible ramifications of pending water legislation.
Part One.  Originally aired 2-19-2012
Part Two.  Originally aired 2-19-2012

Ned Ryan Doyle reports the most recent “good news”, on the environmental front.  Find out about the latest installments of sustainable solutions, across the country.
Part One.  Originally aired 2-12-2012
Part Two.  Originally aired 2-12-2012

Guests Ruth Christie, former President of the League of Women Voters and Tom Colson, member of Common Cause and regional political activist discuss the Move to Amend effort, which challenges the status of “personhood” currently granted to corporations.
Part One.  Originally aired 1-29-2012
Part Two.  Originally aired 1-29-2012