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2013 Year in Review:  What do Pope Francis, Ed Snowden, Moral Monday, the NSA, Obamacare, arctic sea ice, Frosty the CoalMan, solar technology, driverless cars (and more)… PLUS “She Walks on Water” -the Our Southern Community ‘Book of the Year’ Award WInner – all have in common? That’s easy… Cecil Bothwell, author, builder, journalist, pundit and Asheville City Council Member! Start your 2014 off with a look at the past year.. and a few chuckles! Original Air Date 1-5-2014
YIR 2013 first half 1-5-14
YIR Second Half 1-5-14

Lang Hornethal, owner of Appalachian Designs in Fairview, NC, and founder of Root Cause discusses forestry, custom building, local economics, regional initiatives, invasive species and outlines the achievements of the three Root Cause Annual Award winners – the WNC Alliance, Jade Mountain Builders and Mr. Stanley Briggs. There’s a lot more to the forests than the trees! Original Air Date 12-15-13
AppDesign first half 12-15-13
AppDesign Second half 12-15-13

Avram Friedman, Executive Director of the Canary Coalition, discusses the organization’s efforts for clean air, climate change and social justice including the Clean Smokestacks Act, utility rate restructuring with NC HB 401, the Energy Efficiency Bank proposal, the Move to Amend effort for the repeal of Citizen’s United decision granting corporations personhood, the Canary Coalition’s ‘Real News’ project and much more! Original Air Date 12-8-13
Avram first half 12-8-13
Avram second half 12-8-13

Nicole Foss and Laurence Boomert, international economic and sustainable experts and speakers, discuss the relationships of our current economic structures to energy and community development and planning. A thought provoking conversation that includes monetary crashes, real liquid assets, community cooperation, bartering, communication and much more. Original Air Date 11-24-2013
Foss first half 11-24-13
Foss second half 11-24-13

‘Our Southern Community’ travels to Charlotte NC for a Nuclear Regulatory Agency public hearing, Nov. 4, 2013, on high level nuclear waste issues. Recorded on location and live at the time, hear from citizens around the southeast that traveled to Charlotte, representatives from Nuclear Information Resource Service, Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League, Greenpeace, Sierra Club, SAFE Carolinas, as well comments from an NRC spokesperson. 10’s of thousands of tons of high level nuclear waste are still piling up after 75 years, with no where to go. Original Air Date 11-17-13
NRC Charlotte first half 11-17-13
NRC Charlotte second half 11-17-13

Co-Directors Julie Mayfield and Bob Wagner of the WNC Alliance open the conversation about the recent developments and many programs the organization is implementing regionwide, while in the second half Cynthia Camilleri, Volunteer Coordinator and Bob Gale, WNCA’s Ecologist, discuss the opportunities for volunteers in eradicating invasive species, the new Forest Watch program, social events an more. Find out what the regions longest running conservation organization has been doing, and how you can get involved to protect and preserve the natural haeritage and environment of the region! Original Air Date 11-10-13.
WNCA first half 11-10-13
WNCA second half 11-10-13

“Woodrow Eaton, General Manager, and Melita Kyriakou, Business Administrator, with Blue Ridge Biofuels share the latest news and programs for the WNC region and more. The growth of biofuel for home heating and transportation, economic benefits of local fuel production, community oil collection efforts, the ongoing “F3″ effort “Field to Fryer to Fuel” to develop local agriculture for feedstocks, including the value added product of GMO free canola oil for regional restaurants and more! Original Air Date 11-3-13″
Blue Ridge Biofuels (First Half) 11-3-13
Blue Ridge Biofuels (Second Half) 11-3-13

David Weintraub, Executive Director for the Center for Cultural Preservation, provides a unique look at an environmental and cultural perspective of turtles, the oldest living dinosaur that has been part of human culture since our beginnings. Still threatened, despite a range of successful efforts to protect them, turtles face a range of challenges today unlike any they have faced over the last 150 million years. For a video trailer of the upcoming “Call of the Ancient Mariner” produced by David Weintraub, visit www.saveculture.org . Original Air Date 10-20-13
Turtles first half 10-20-13
Turtles second half 10-20-13

Jorge Riano, founder and president of ‘Green By 3′ and Maggie Snokes, an intern with Green By 3, discuss their efforts at integrating People, Profits and Planet in building today, the environment and more. Green By 3 provides a comprehensive service for the entire building process, recycling, re-purposing materials, modern designs and environmental features, plus an internship program to engage college students. Original Air Date 10-12-13.
GreenX3 first half 10-12-13
GreenX3 second half 10-12-13

Jen Rennicks, Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, Katie Bray, “Solarize Asheville”, and Dr. Amy Ende, Pediatrician are guests as we discuss the impacts of dirty energy on our health, children’s health and the economy, recent rulings & legislation relating to the carbon and pollution from dirty energy and the ongoing transition to clean energy with initiatives such as Solarize Asheville. Original Air Date 10-5-13.
SACE First Half 10-5-13
SACE Second Half 10-5-13

Debating the Moral Monday Movement and the NC General Assembly’s recent legislation: Dr. William Fortschen, Professor of History at Black Mountain College, debates Our Southern Community host Ned Ryan Doyle in a lively and energetic exchange over the actions and impacts of recent legislation and the rise of the grass roots Moral Monday efforts. Recorded live at the time in Black Mountain as part of the Take a Stand Debate Series sponsored by WZGM 1350 AM and Independent Asheville Radio, topics include voter suppression, women’s rights and shifting the tax burden. Original Air Date 9-28-13.
MMDebate First half 9-28-13
MMDebate Second Half 9-28-13

After decades of challenging the lunacy of nuclear power, finally the tide seems to be turning in favor of our economy now and the future generations. Mary Olson, SE Coordinator for the Nuclear Information and Resource Service, explains the positive shift away from nuclear power and to clean energy. Yes, Fukushima is an ongoing disaster far from over, but 5 nuclear reactors are being shut down in the US, with another 5 proposals being scrapped. The NRC is now required to assess the issues and options for handling the existing high level waste, a public hearing will be held on Nov. 4th in Charlotte and there are seats available to join us! Original Air Date 9-22-13.
GoodNukesNew first half 9-21-13
GoodNukesNew second half 9-21-13

Dr. David Cozzo and Adam Bigelow, Steering Committee members with “Rooted in the Mountains” symposium Sept. 20th and 21st, discuss the theme of water for the 4th Annual event at Western Carolina University.  Explore the Cherokee cultural aspects of water and impacts of development in the mountains, water usage, river cane and more, as part of this 2 day event with a movie, speakers, discussions and live music! Original Air Date -15-13
Rooted first half 9-14-13
Rooted second half 9-14-13

Katie Bray, Program Director of “Solarize Asheville” a campaign of the Blue Ridge Sustainability Institute, and Erika Schneider, Communications Director for Sundance Power Systems, discuss the exciting new effort to “Solarize Asheville” with educational programs, community engagement, reduced pricing with bulk purchases and much more. If you’re an Asheville city homeowner or business owner, you’re eligible to take part in this program to install solar photovoltaic systems, plus all are welcome to the “Solar 101″ free public educational program August 29th! Original Air Date 8-24-13
Solarize Part 1 8-24-13
Solarize Part 2 8-24-13

Mountain Moral Monday – Voices of the People! An on location program recorded at Mountain Moral Monday, Aug. 5, 2013 in Asheville NC. The largest rally in recent memory, thousands gathered to hear speakers, music and learn about issues. Dozens answering the question ” Why are you here for Moral Monday?” , inspirational music and excerpts from Rev. Barber’s speech. Rev. Barber’s speech is also available in it’s entirety, below. Original Air Date 8-10-2013
MoralMondayPart 1 6442 8-10-13
Moral Monday 2nd Half 8-10-13
Rev Barber full speech4022

Dave Hollister, co-owner of Sundance Power Systems outlines the changes and evolution of the clean energy industry in the last few years, the new challenges as the conventional power industryfights back against the expansion of clean energy, new available financing for clean energy for homeowners and business, outreach such as the Blue Ridge Sustainable Institute “Solarize” program and more. Plus, a new Our Southern Community interactive – email us with your suggestion(s) for an educational outreach name…  if your suggestion is chosen, prizes and free stuff! Simply listen to the entire show, then email your thoughts to info@oursoutherncommunity.org
Sundance Part 1 8-3-13
Sundance Part 2 8-3-13
Sundance Part 3 8-3-13
Sundance Part 4 8-3-13

‘People for Clean Mountains’ in Transylvania County, NC, formed as a community campaign to oppose burning tons of Municipal Solid Waste (garbage) under the guise of “green” energy, while also supporting and promoting sound economic development, expanded recycling, waste reduction and more! Diane Khuen and Diann Harle, volunteers with PCM, discuss the recent success of the Transylvania County Commissioner’s vote to enact a moratorium on the trash burning proposal, PCM sponsored events such as their recent ‘Recycle Roundtable’ , upcoming ‘Institute for Local Self Reliance’ day long program Aug. 8th. and more. Original Air Date 7-27-13.
PCM More Part 1 7-27-13
PCM More Part 2 7-27-13
PCM More Part 3 7-27-13
PCm More Part 4 7-27-13

Our Southern Community travels to Connecticut to visit with “GMO Free CT”, a citizens action group that coordinated a successful statewide effort to enact legislation to label products that contain Genetically Modified Organisms, or GMO’s. While remaining contingent on additional states taking the same path, this legislation is a breakthrough first victory in the United States. Despite well over 50 countries that already label or outright ban GMO’s, it was a long hard battle in CT just to get this far. Tara Cook-Littman, Director, and Amanda Wendt, Communications Director, with GMO Free CT share there experiences and insights in a remarkable story of citizen action that should be spread nationwide! Original Air Date 7-2-2013.
GMOfreeCT part 1 7-20-13
GMOfreeCT part 2 7-20-13
GMOfreeCT part 3 7-20-13
GMOfreeCT part 4 7-20-13

Stewart David, activist, social philosopher and rights activist joins host Ned Ryan Doyle for a wide ranging conversation on the current NC ‘Legislative Lunacy’, climate impacts of food choices, local agriculture, women’s rights, eating vegan, corporate influences and more for the first program recorded at the new Our Southern Community office at Biz611 in Henderson County! Original Air Date 7-13-2013.
Stewart David Part 1 7-13-2013
Stewart David Part 2 7-13-2013
Stewart David Part 3 7-13-2013
Stewart David Part 4 7-13-2013

Jonathan Butler, owner and developer of the new ‘Biz611′ project in Hendersonville, NC, and David Weintraub, Executive Director of the Center for Cultural Preservation, a new tenant at ‘Biz611′ provide an in-depth look at a remarkable development project and green business incubator that features solar energy, passive design, living walls, rainwater collection, state of the art systems, recycled materials, natural lighting and much more. Open space design, common areas, ‘drop in’ meeting spaces, wi-fi, phone service and more are part of a downtown infill development project that is one of the leading examples in the region that combine energy, environment and economic development! Original Air date 6-30-2013
Biz611 Part 1 6-30-13
Biz611 Part 2 6-30-13
Biz611 Part 3 6-30-13
Biz611 Part 4 6-30-13

Could the ‘Legislative Lunacy’ in Raleigh, NC’s General Assembly spark the formation of the 51st state of West Carolina? Cecil Bothwell, author, builder, journalist and Asheville City Councilperson joins host Ned Ryan Doyle for a conversation on the irrational legislation being proposed in the NC capital, from take-overs of local municipal infrastructure to eliminating handgun permits and background checks. Higher taxes from the ‘no tax’ party, relaxation of pollution and environmental regulations, political gerrymandering targeting the WNC region and more, has re-ignited the discussion of the new state .. West Carolina! Original Air Date 6-23-13
RaleighMadness Part 1 6-22-13
RaleighMadness Part 2 6-22-13
RaleighMadness Part 3 6-22-13
RaleighMadness Part 4 6-22-13

Asheville Green Opportunities ‘GO Team’ members discuss gardening, weatherization, job skills training, mountaintop removal for coal, their upcoming graduation, positive impacts on community and more. With a little taste of “green” rap as well! Four GO Team members make their radio debut and share their thoughts about the GO experience. Original Air Date 6-16-13
GO Team Part 1 6-16-13
GO Team Part 2 6-16-13
GO Team Part 3 6-16-13
GO TeamPart 4 6-14-13

Will Sagar, Executive Director, and Elizabeth Jackson, Program Manager, with South East Recycling Development Council (SERDC) discuss the economic impacts and benefits of recycling on a regional and national scale, from curbside pickups to multi billion dollar industries. What’s a MRF? Recycled plastic bottles can make what? Know what a ‘capture rate’ is? Learn why recycling our materials creates jobs, supports businesses and much more! Original Air Date 6-9-2013
SERDC Part 1 6-9-13
SERDC Part 2 6-9-13
SERDC Part 3 6-9-13
SRDC Partt 4 6-9-13

Anne Petermann, Executive Director of the Global Justice Ecology Project, discusses the expanding threat of genetically manipulated trees to the world’s environment, the fallacy of burning forests for fuel to replace fossil fuels today, corporate control in the science of genetic manipulation, lack of objective risk assessment and the global efforts to address a wide range of negative impacts both occurring now and potential. Original Air Date 6-3-13.
Global JusticePart 1 6-3-13
Global Justice Part 2 6-3-13
Global Justice Part 3 6-3-13
Global Justice Part 4 6-3-13

Danna Smith, co-founder and Executive Director of the Dogwood Alliance, shares her experiences and success in protecting the southern region forests from the paper industry, pulp mills, logging and related threats. The Dogwood Alliance campaigns bring together the customers, suppliers and consumers worldwide to address the negative impacts of industrial deforestation in  positive, economically sound campaigns that educate, inform and offer more effective alternatives for the industry and the environment. Original Air Date 5-26-2013.
Dogwood Partt 1 5-26-13
Dogwood Partt 2 5-26-13
Dogwood Partt 3 5-26-13
Dogwood Part 4 5-26-13

With a wide range of new developments in the nuclear industry lately, Mary Olson, South East Coordinator for the Nuclear Information and Resource Service, discusses unprecedented nuclear permit denials, safety and technological shut downs, nuclear plant closures, the increasing costs associated with nuclear, clean energy options to address climate change effectively and the latest from the disaster in Japan. Original Air Date 5-19-2013.
NukeUpdate Part 1 5-19-13
NukeUpdate Part 2 5-19-13
NukeUpdate Part 3 5-19-13
NukeUpdate Part 4 5-19-13

Vicki Meath, Executive Director of Just Economics, and Mark Hebbard, Living Wage Certification Program Coordinator, discuss their efforts to provide a living wage in WNC, the benefits and challenges for workers and employers in today’s economy. With over 300 businesses already Living Wage Certified, Just Economics is leading the nation in developing the message and getting results! Original Air Date 5-12-13.
JustEconomics Part 1 5-12-13
JustEconomics Part 2 5-12-13
JustEconomics Part 3 5-12-13
JustEconomics Part 4 5-12-13

How does a citizen’s group form from a single Face Book post concerned about a proposed garbage burning facility in their valley turn into a vibrant, active community organization… in just 30 days?
Volunteers from”People for Clean Mountains”- Kevin Glenn, Rick Falknor and Nick Friedman- discuss how the organization developed in record time to become a new chapter of the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League, get over 800 people on “Transylvania County Biomass Info Exchange” page, set up a website www.peopleforcleanmountains.org with hundreds of public and research documents on the issue to support county officials, rally hundreds of citizens for a public meeting, and much more. This program is the 2nd in an unfolding series following the proposal to burn MSW, or garbage, to create electricity in the Little River Valley of Transylvania County. Original Air Date 5-15-13.
PCM 2nd Part 1 5-5-13
PCM 2nd part 2 5-5-13
PCM 2nd Part 3 5-5-13
PCM 2nd Part 4 5-5-13

What happens when a community learns of corporate investor’s plans to truck in 200 tons per day of MSW garbage for an incinerator that supposedly makes “clean” energy in a beautiful mountain valley in the Land of Waterfalls at the doorstep of the Pisgah National Forest? Cyndy Cathcart, Suzzane Fox and Joe Furr, residents of Transylvania County, NC, and volunteers with the new group “People for Clean Mountains” share their questions and concerns over this recently revealed proposal from New York developers. Among those are air quality, toxic emissions, water quality, truck traffic, loss of current jobs, loss of tax revenues, decrease in real estate values, nighttime light pollution, impacts on tourism, recreation and more. Original Air Date 4-21-13.
PCM Part 1 4-21-13
PCM Part 2 4-21-13
PCM Part 3 4-21-13
PCM Part 4 4-21-13

What’s the buzz on bees, agriculture and the related issues? Carl Chesick, Center for Honey Bee Research; Dayna Reggero, with Chimney Rock at Chimney Rock State Park; Phyliss Stiles, Bee City USA; and Debra Roberts, Holy Bee Press discuss the current challenges and serious problems with honey bees, pollinators and our centralized, chemical food system and what everyone can do to help. Original Air Date 4-14-13
Bees Part 1 4-14-13
Bees Part 2 4-14-13
Bees part 3 4-14-13
Bees part 4 4-14-13

What common connection is there between the Asheville Business Improvement District, science, dolphins, the Tea Party takeover in NC’s General Assembly, clean energy, the arts, balancing budgets and a new novel “She Walks on Water”? Cecil Bothwell, of course! A wide ranging in depth interview with author, journalist, investigative reporter, builder and Asheville City Council person Cecil Bothwell. Original Air Date 4-7-13
Bothwell Part 1 4-7-13
Bothwell Part 2 4-7-13
Bothwell Part 3 4-7-13
Bothwell Part 4 4-7-13

John Swann, farmer, business owner and sustainable agricultural expert discusses the recent legislation exempting Monsanto and other GMO (genetically modified organism) corporations from liability, impacts on the environment from GMO’s, local agriculture options and much more. The less you know about Monsanto and GMO’s .. the more you’ll learn from this program!
Monsanto Part 1 3-31-13
Monsanto Part 2 3-31-13
Monsanto Part 3 3-31-13
Monsanto Part 4 3-31-13

Peter Krull, owner of Krull and Company, discusses socially responsible investing in today’s markets. Your investments can reflect personal values for a better future, while offering comparable returns to conventional investments. Getting started, long term versus short term and more in an informative, wide ranging interview. Original Air Date 3-17-13
Krull Part 1 3-17-13

Krull Part 2 3-17-13
Krull Part 3 3-17-13
Krull Part 4 3-17-13

What do citizens think about a proposed Progress Energy utility rate hike for more fossil fuel energy generation? Recorded live at the time at the March 5th, 2013, NC Utility Commission hearing in Buncombe County. An overflow crowd attended to express their views, from private citizens to representatives from various organizations. Hear from a dozen viewpoints, plus comments from Mike Hughes, V.P. of Progress Energy Carolinas. [A full video record of the complete hearing is available at www.canarycoalition.org ]  Original Air Date 3-10-13.
RateHike Part 1 3-10-13

RateHike Part 2 3-10-13
RateHike Part 3 3-10-13
RateHike Part 4 3-10-13

Kate Gunthorpe, community activist in Statesville, NC, discusses the efforts of local citizens challenging a 14 acre truck stop proposed for the city. Traffic problems, negative economic impacts, environmental concerns, potential emergency service delays and more questions remain unresolved, while alternative sites are available. With nearly 2,500 petition signatures, these are not idle questions. Original Air Date 3-3-13.
TruckStop Part1 3-3-13

TruckStop Part 2 3-3-13
TruckStop Part 3 3-3-13
TruckStop Part 4 3-3-13

Patrick Harper, Land of Sky Regional Planner and Co-Manager of the Energy Evolve Partnership program, talks about the efforts to develop a clean energy economy in Western North Carolina, creating new jobs, regional cooperation and the growing positive impacts of solar, wind and biofuel technologies. Original Air Date 2-24-13
EvolveEnergy Part 1 2-24-13
EvolveEnergy Part 2 2-24-13
EvolveEnergy Part 3 2-24-13
EvolveEnergy Part 4 2-24-13

Rachel Reeser and Mike Sule, co-founders of Asheville on Bikes and Asheville City Councilperson Marc Hunt discuss the ongoing efforts at developing Asheville and the region  into a more bike friendly environment. From the history of biking to upcoming Asheville on Bikes events, find out what’s happening and how you can get involved. Original Air Date 2-17-13
BikeLove Part 1 2-17-13

BikeLove Part 2 2-17-13
BikeLove Part 3 2-17-13
BikeLove Part 4 2-17-13

Our Southern Community host Ned Ryan Doyle and Dr. William Forstchen, Professor of History, Black Mountain College, debate concealed carry of weapons in schools, gun violence and related mental health issues.
[Audio taken from a video recording of the live event, Jan. 17th 2013. Due to technical issues with the original video, some initial portions are less than high quality audio. ]  Original Air Date 2-9-13.
GunDebate part 1 2-9-13

GunDebate part 2 2-9-13
GunDebate part 3 2-9-13
GunDebate part 4 2-9-13

Crystal Zevon is “Searching for Occupy” across America and visits Asheville, NC. Long time activist and Occupy participant in Washington DC actions, her project is to document the ongoing efforts and achievements from the Occupy Movement around America. From the mechanics of a General Assembly to current stories of positive achievements, Crystal shares her experiences. Original Air Date 2-3-13.
Zevon Part 1 2-3-13

Zevon Part 2 2-3-13
Zevon Part 3 2-3-13
Zevon Part 4 23-13

NC Rep. Chuck McGrady, (R) Henderson County, discusses the controversial water system issue including the role of the MSD in a new system, compensation questions, home rule, regional interconnections and more. Original Air Date 1-27-13
McGrady Part 1 1-27-13

McGrady Part 2 1-27-13
Mcgrady Part 3 1-27-13
McGrady Part 4 1-27-13

Gibbie Harris, Heath Director of Buncombe County Health and Human Services, and Gordon Smith, Asheville City Councilperson, discuss the Asheville-Buncombe Food Policy efforts focusing on increasing regional food security. The health impacts on children, local agriculture, food supplies, distribution, transportation,efforts to encourage local agriculture and more. Original Air Date 1-20-13.
FoodPolicy Part 1 1-20-13

FoodPolicy part 2 1-12-13
FoodPolicy Part 3 1-12-13
FoodPolicy Part 4 1-20-13

Cultural violence, interpretations of the Second Amendment and mental health problems all combine to make addressing the growing problem of gun violence and shooting very difficult. Program host Ned Ryan Doyle will participate in a public debate 1-17-13 regarding the proposal for ‘Conceal Carry’ permits for teachers in schools today, this program reflects on the larger issues for listeners to consider. Original Air Date 1-13-13.
GunsIssue Part 1 1-12-13

GunsIssue Part 2 1-13-13
GunIssue Part 3 1-13-13
GunIssue part 4 1-13-13

The Asheville Water System is facing a forced takeover by State Legislators, despite many problems, questions and unresolved questions. Barry Summers, Asheville community activist, offers an in-depth look at some of the complex issues from the history of the water system, to unanswered questions today, and current events still unfolding. Original Air Date 1-6-13.
WaterSystem Part 1 1-6-13

WaterSystem Part 2 1-6-13
WaterSystem Part 3 1-6-13
WaterSystem Partt 4 1-6-13