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Michael Gentry, the famous ‘Sustainable Gourmet’ and host of “everyone Cooks” experiences, joins hosts Michelle Smith and Ned Ryan Doyle for an enlightening and informative conversation on sustainable eating, food preparation, health benefits of a plant based diet, food sourcing from local farms and the wild, gleaning and the importance of being thankful for our abundance. For 15 years, Michael has taught and shared the joys of local foods, wild foods and cooking….all with a flair, fun and education! Original Air Date 12-14-14
Gentry Gourmet first half 12-14-14
Gentry Gourmet second half 12-14-14

Dale Stewart, host of “Nature’s Edge” radio program, global adventurer, motivational speaker and more, joins co-hosts Ned Ryan Doyle and Michelle Smith for a wide ranging conversation on self reliance, sustainability, corporate leadership, indigenous cultures and how they all interrelate to help us improve our planning, thinking and progress for the future, whether personal or business. Original Air Date 11-30-14
Dale Stewart Nov first half 11-30-14
Dale Stewart Nov second half 11-30-14

Sara Day Evans, Founding Director of Accelerating Appalachia, joins hosts Ned Ryan Doyle and Michelle Smith for an in-depth look at an emerging, successful approach to investing in regional sustainable development that focuses on nature based products, services and innovation in a context of people and place. Old economic development models are transforming into new, more resilient local models that offer meaningful work in foods, agriculture, forest products, building, energy and more. Have a new business idea or looking to expand an existing business? Contact Accelerating Appalachia! Original Air Date 11-23-14
Acc App first half 11-23-14
Acc App second half 11-23-14

“Maggie Ullman, outgoing Chief of the Office of Sustainability for Asheville, NC and Interim Coordinator Kerby Smithson join hosts Ned Ryan Doyle and Michelle Smith for a wide ranging discussion of the efforts over the past 7 years at efficiency, energy savings and the economic benefits for the City Of Asheville. From fleet vehicles to Christmas lights, analyzing the impacts has major environmental and budgetary benefits. Original Air Date 11-16-14″
Ullman first half 11-16-14
Ullman second half 11-16-14

“Laura Lengnick and Dayna Reggero join co-hosts Michelle Smith and Ned Ryan Doyle for an in-depth conversation about the Climate Listening Project. Talking about the climate issues and challenges we face is the first step in developing strategies and tools for resilience in our communities, sustainable business models and adapting to the changes we can see coming. Developed from dozens of interviews, the Climate Listening Project reflect the thoughts and actions of farmers, fishermen, business owners and more, as they explore ways to face the future. Original Air Date 11-9-14″
ClimateListening first half 11-9-14
ClimateListening second half 11-9-14

“Our Southern Community goes ‘on the road’ to Charleston, SC to visit with Greenx3 – a unique full service construction business that incorporates planet, people and profits. From planning design to deconstruction and recycling, then construction and special projects and community education, the Greenx3 Team covers it all with a focus on the environment. Meet the team … Jorge Riano, founder, with Stephanie Keiffer, Mariel Simpson, Mark Gordiene and Will Strickland…. and discover a more efficient and sustainable approach to building than the conventional approach today! Original Air Date 11-2-14″
Greenx3 first half 11-2-14
Greenx3 second half 11-2-14

The NC Solar Schools Challenge is a first of it’s kind effort to merge solar and clean energy into the Buncombe county school curriculum, with the goal of education and expansion of clean energy for the future. Sarah Duffer, Haiz Oppenheimer and Brian Macarrelli join co-hosts Michelle Smith and Ned Ryan Doyle for an overview of the program, details of the options for public and private school participation and much more! Original Air Date 10-26-14
SolarSchools first half 10-26-14
SolarSchools second half 10-14-14
Asheville City Council member Cecil Bothwell joins Ned Ryan Doyle & Michelle Smith for a discussion on Equality and Elections in NC. Overturning the discriminatory Amendment One allows equal rights for more citizens, expands economic options for WNC and more. With the 2014 election coming up, efforts at voter suppression, misinformation and confusion from the GOP in NC and nationwide are rampant. Get Out and Vote! Original Air Date 10-19-14
Segment 1 E&E Cecil OSC10-19-14
Segment 2 E&E Cecil OSC10-19-14

Transition Asheville members Cathy Scott and Dylan Rayls-Hamilton join co-hosts Ned Ryan Doyle and Michelle Smith for a wide ranging discussion of the global Transition Movement and the events and actions in Asheville, NC. Celebrating their 5th year, Transition Asheville offers education and information about resiliency, sustainable options for food, housing, energy and local community interactions. New to the idea of the Transition Movement? Find out more and join in a positive vision for the future! Original Air Date 10-12-14
TA first half 10-12-14
TA second half 10-12-14

What is Patchwork Urban Farms ? Find out from Sunil Patel, the ‘Founding Farmer’ of a unique urban agriculture effort, and Michelle Smith, a ‘Land Partner’ in this exciting new effort. Based on community supported agriculture, permaculture, sharing and innovative urban farming and land use, Patchwork Urban Farms is creating ‘clusters’ of small urban lot ‘farms’ in Asheville, N.C. A fascinating model that has met with great success already and meant to be duplicated nationwide. Original Air Date 10-5-14.
Patchwork first half 10-5-14
Patchwork second half 10-5-14

SunergizeWNC is a non-profit community campaign to educate and empower homeowners and businesses to ‘Go Solar’. Dave Hollister, co-owner of Sundance Power Systems, joins host Ned Ryan Doyle for a discussion of the background, development and objectives of SunergizeWNC. Free educational workshops, collaboration with solar contractors and regional organizations combine to offer a new way to both expand clean energy ownership and help reduce costs. Original Air Date 9-21-14
Sunergize first half 9-21-14
Sunergize second half 9-21-14

Dale Stewart, host of Nature’s Edge, renowned world adventurer and environmentalist, discusses the Louisiana Bayou region, his home region, and the impacts of industry, pollution, canals, wetlands and barrier island loss on the regions cultural populations. Creole, Cajun, and Native American peoples are losing their ancestral homelands at an increasing rate. Original Air Date 9-14-14
Bayou first half 9-14-14
Bayou second half 9-14-14

Goombay 2014! For 34 years Asheville’s Goombay festival of African and Caribbean culture has been a major event with music, fun and much more. This year’s Goombay will be even better with a new focus on health, well being and prosperity for the community. Daniele Martin and Jessica Tomasin with Jet Up productions and Richard Fort, YMI Board member, discuss the many aspects to the evolution of Goombay festivals, the history and a wide range of new activities and talent for 2014. Original Air Date 9-7-14
Goombay first half 9-7-14
Goombay second half 9-7-14

Since 9/11, police departments are getting military hardware and engaging in military tactics that have never been part of domestic law enforcement. There are more guns on the street, legal and illegal, than ever before- an estimated 320 million in the US. Non-violent protests are being met with armored vehicles and SWAT teams. Minorities and the poor are disproportionally targeted. Greg Cathcart, a retired police officer with 23 years of experience and now assisting returning veterans, discusses these issues, and more, from a police officer’s perspective. Whatever your personal opinions are on these issues, this is a conversation worth your time. Original Air Date 8-31-14.
Police first half 8-31-14
Police second half 8-31-14

A special program dedicated to Robin Williams and laughter in the world, with Cecil Bothwell joining host Ned Ryan Doyle for a run down of the “Parking Gate Gate” Tea Party silliness in Asheville, the absurdity of the NC General Assembly legislative efforts and other crazy events and serious topics that, sometimes, one just has to laugh at! Original Air Date 8-17-14
Cecil Parking first half 8-17-14
Cecil Parking second half 8-17-14

The Veteran’s Healing Farm in Henderson County, NC is a unique effort to support military veterans in their transition to civilian life, incorporating sustainable agriculture, work opportunities and a sense of community. Founded by John Mahshie, an Air Force veteran, the Veteran’s Healing Farm currently serves 17 families, totaling 60 people, with fresh garden produce grown by the veterans and their families. What challenges do our veterans face? What do they really need? John Mahshie, along with Air Force and Marine veterans Adria, Erica and Chris, provide a compelling and personal perspective of the benefits of the Veteran’s Healing Farm. Original Air Date 8-10-14
Vets Healing first half 8-10-14
Vets Healing second half 8-10-14

Mary Jo Padgett, Interim Director and original co-founder of the Environmental and Conservation Organization (ECO), discusses the origins of the 27 year organization, many of the ongoing efforts in water quality, ‘Big Sweep’ stream cleanup, other local projects, the ongoing merger of ECO with the Western North Carolina Alliance & Jackson Macon Conservation Alliance and the upcoming Green Homes & Edible Gardens Tour, an annual favorite event! Original Air Date 8-3-14
ECO MaryJo first half 8-3-14
ECO MaryJo second half 8-3-14

The 2nd Mountain Moral Monday is coming, Aug. 4th in Asheville, NC! last year nearly 10,000 people gathered for the event. Mountain People’s Assembly volunteers Elaine Lite and Carmen Ramos-Kennedy along with Emma Greenbaum with the Beyond Coal Campaign and Zecharia Etheridge, intern with the Moral Freedom Summer effort, discuss the issues that have created the Moral Monday movement, from environmental injustice to voter suppression efforts. The current NC legislative efforts have impacted all citizens, people of color, the poor, elderly, students and workers. Original Air Date 7-27-14
Do nothing at all and have no rules as some suggest? Enact a flawed ordinance as the best that can be done and try to fix it? Extend the moratorium and get it right? Original Air Date 7-13-14
MMM first half 7-27-14
MMM second half 7-27-14

What will happen in Transylvania County? A one year moratorium on polluting industries in the county is set to expire at the end of July. However, a draft proposal ordinance regarding the moratorium is questionable in terms of legality, content and clarity. Kevin Glenn, Chair of the Executive Committee for People for Clean Mountains, a community non-profit formed to oppose polluting industries and promote clean economic development a year ago, discusses the options for citizens, businesses and the County Commissioners. A interesting conversation for all WNC citizens, but VERY important if you live in Transylvania County!
Do nothing at all and have no rules as some suggest? Enact a flawed ordinance as the best that can be done and try to fix it? Extend the moratorium and get it right? Original Air Date 7-13-14
PCM Ordinance first half 7-13-14
PCM Ordinance second half 7-13-14

Richard Cleveland, founder & director of Earth School, discusses wilderness survival skills, awareness of the opportunities all around us in a natural setting, techniques for fire starting, shelter building, Nature Deficit Disorder and much more. Offering classes around the region for adults and teenagers, Earth School programs can help reconnect to the natural world and develop an appreciation for humans traditional respect and reliance on nature. Original Air Date 7-6-2014
Earth School second half 7-6-14
Earth School first half 7-6-14

Moral Monday Update! Katie Hicks with Clean Water for NC, Elaine Lite and Carmine Ramos-Kennedy with the Mountain Peoples Assembly provide a wide ranging overview of the citizen efforts to address the NC General Assembly legislative efforts to gut education, roll back environmental laws, block healthcare, raise taxes on lower and middle class people, give special fast track favors to corporate interests and perhaps most importantly suppress voting rights. Original Air Date 6-29-14
Moral Monday first half 6-29-14
Moral Monday second half 6-29-14

What’s the news on Duke Energy’s coal ash spill, proposed NCGA legislation, clean up options and who will pay for all this? Ulla Britt Reeves and Joan Walker with the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy update the ongoing issues and problems since the Dan River coal ash spill, including the Dept. of Justice investigation, possible solutions to protect waterways and the emerging coal ash problems in Florida. Original Air Date 6-22-14
SACE update first half 6-22-14
SACE update second half 6-22-14

How much can a grassroots community effort do in a year? A lot! People for Clean Mountains, a chapter of the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League, formed in 2013 to oppose a garbage burning proposal in Transylvania County. In addition to successfully helping to block that mistake, they have supported the County Commissioners on enacting a High Impact Polluting Ordinance, prepared and delivered reports on Recycling and Composting opportunities for citizens and government, researched proposals for economic development, co-sponsoring a free public meeting on fracking issues with the Pisgah Group of the Sierra Club, sponsoring a free ‘Sign onto Solar’ informational workshop for citizens, holding a ‘Solar Raffle’ with a prize of a $15,000 solar installation from Sundance Power Systems AND are planning a Community Celebration party July 27th! All discussed in this program with Diann Harley, Acting Chair of the People for Clean Mountains. Original Air Date 6-15-14
PCM First Half 6-15-14
PCM Second Half 6-15-14

Join us for a Nuclear Update with Mary Olson, SE Coordinator for the Nuclear Information and Resource Service, discussing the new carbon reduction plan that includes billions (more) from taxpayers and ratepayers to subsidize the nuclear power industry despite it’s economic failure in the marketplace and the safe and cost effective options, increasing global radiation levels and associated risks, the EPA proposal to raise exposure levels to satisfy the nuclear industry, the crisis at WIPP (Waste Isolation Plot Project), the tsunami-like risk at the Occonee complex in SC, the nuclear industry media propaganda campaign and more. Original Air Date 6-8-14.
Nuclear Update First Half 6-8-14
Nuclear Update Second Half 6-8-14

Elicia Deva and Bill Parravano, Class Leaders at the upcoming Firefly Gathering, discuss the hundreds of educational and informational programs to be offered at this unique event in Barnardsville, NC. Traditional Earth skills such as fire starting, tracking, shelter, water, basket weaving and many more are combined with social interaction and personal development classes from conflict resolution to Tantra. How do “soft” skills interrelate with “hard” skills? What are elements of a sustainable community? How can you participate in learning these traditional, sustainable skills? Original Air Date 6-1-14
Firefly Part 1 6-1-14
Firefly Part 2 6-1-14

The Center for Cultural Preservation’s Executive Director David Weintraub, along with Alma Avery and Leon Pace, both Henderson County residents, discuss the life and ways of the elders in the WNC mountains, sharing their experiences, wisdom and memories. An informative, fascinating and entertaining conversation ranging from moonshine and herbal plants to food preservation and a 200 year old fire! Original Air Date 5-18-14
Culture first half 5-18-14 (1)
Culture second half 5-18-14 (1)

A compelling and powerful interview with TJ Amos, exploring a journey from childhood and personal tragedy, as a result of the 9/11 bombings, leading to her involvement in community and social activism. Original Air Date 5-11-14.
TJ Amos first half 5-11-14
TJ Amos second half 5-11-14

Dale Stewart, host of “Nature’s Edge” radio and founder of Back-A-Bush, an educational outreach effort, visits Our Southern Community for a fascinating conversation about his global travels and interactions with indigenous cultures from all continents. The cultural viewpoints of those tribes and societies, abilities to adapt to natural environment and the lessons we can learn, both the successes and failures, over thousands of years, to cope with sustainability issues today. Original Air Date 5-4-14.
Dale Stewart 1st half 5-4-14
Dale Stewart 2nd half 3 5-4-14

Cathy Holt and Randal Pride discuss the Keystone Pipeline issue, including the environmental impacts and economics of the Tar Sands oil that would be pumped through the proposed pipeline. A myriad of groups and organizations have united to oppose the project for many reasons, find out why and what you can do to participate as citizens. Original Air Date 4-20-14.
Keystone first half 4-20-14
Keystone second half 4-20-14

Cecil Bothwell, Asheville City Council person, author, builder and more, joins host Ned Ryan Doyle in a wide ranging conversation that includes the “Cosmos”, education, science, the Supreme Court, Duke Energy, nuclear waste transportation, the new highway project for Asheville…. and more. ¬†Original Air Date¬†4-13-14.
CecilB first half 4-13-14
CecilB second half 4-13-14

What is Energy Democracy? Dave Hollister, co-founder of Sundance Power Systems, took part in an Asheville Green Drinks program March 14th, 2014, and his presentation is shared in this program. Ned Ryan Doyle, host of Our Southern Community “bookends” Dave’s talk with commentary on the larger picture, regional issues and opportunities for transitioning to a sustainable future. Original Air Date 4-7-14.
Energy Democracy first half 4-7-14
Energy Democracy second half 4-7-14

What’s happened since the Duke Energy coal ash spill into the Dan River? This complex story is more than the release of millions of tons of toxic materials. Ulla Reeves, High Risk Energy Program Director, and Joan Walker, High Risk Energy Coordinator, with the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, provide a detailed timeline of the tragedy from the initial spill of Feb. 2 including the relationships between DENR, Duke Energy, Gov. McCroy and the unfolding investigation by the Dept. of Justice. Original Air Date 3-30-14.
SACE first half 3-30-14
SACE secondhalf 3-30-14

Barry Summers, community activist and founder of Save Our Water WNC, reports on developments in NC regarding drone use over civilian airspace, connections to the military and industrial interests, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) influences on expanding drone programs and updates on the Asheville water system takeover efforts by certain legislators. And what’s a common denominator between all of these issues? Give a listen to find out! Barry’s watchdog activism is detailed and informative, with up to the moment information. Original Air Date 3-23-14.

Summers first half 3-23-14
Summers second half 3-23-14

Katuah Market is “just” a market…. like the Mona Lisa is “just” a painting! WNC’s premier new market, featuring foods and value added products from across the region, has a core mission of supporting local agriculture, the local economy and offering top quality items. Join us for an audio tour of the new Katuah Market with John Swann, owner, and many of his irrepressible and energetic staff. From the background of “why” to conversations with the cheese, meat, beer, food service and more department heads, get insights into the commitments to local foods, community cooperation and a wide range of very unique products, all under one roof! Original Air Date 3-16-14.

Katuah first half 3-16-14
Katuah second half 3-16-14


Special Edition Feature!

Dave Hollister, CEO of Sundance Power Systems, spoke at the Asheville Green Drinks 3-19-14 on the subjects of Energy Democracy, sustainable transitioning of our energy grid and the rights of people to participate in these decisions and our collective opportunities for a clean energy future.
A remarkably insightful, energetic and forward thinking presentation…. it’s under 20 minutes and it’s free! Please give a listen and share the presentation!

Listen Here


The “Carolina Community Energy Partnerships” non-profit project is the topic of discussion with Dave Hollister, co-owner of Sundance Power Systems, looking at the need to transform the way we produce and distribute energy across the region. What is net metering and why is it crucial to protect? What are the options for the utilities and how can they support a sustainable business model for them? A five year campaign to increase clean energy by 20%, reduce demand by 20% through energy efficiency and monitor the reductions in coal being burned at the Lake Julian Coal Fired plant is the goal of “20% by 2020″. Original Air Date 2-9-14.
CCEP first half 2-9-14
CCEP second half 2-9-14

ECO’s North Carolina Environmental 2013 Legislative Forum provides an outline of the ongoing efforts in the NC General Assembly to dismantle environmental regulations on the sate level. From eliminating local control to politicizing the Department of Environmental Resources to disregarding federal environmental laws, the efforts have been part a well planned political strategy, with a range of unexpected and unforeseen consequences already developing. Panelists Julie Mayfield, Co-Director of the WNC Alliance, DJ Gerken, Senior Attorney, Asheville office of the Southern Environmental Law Center, and NC Rep. Chuck McGrady offer their views on the 2013 environmental legislative efforts. Unfortunately, the only environmental ‘victories’ in 2013 in NC were a very few successful efforts… to not make things even worse. Original Air Date 2-2-14
ECO Forum first half 2-2-14
ECO Forum second half 2-2-14

Anna Jane Joyner, Campaign Coordinator with the Western North Carolina Alliance, and Hartwell Carson, French Broad Riverkeeper, discuss problems with coal, the WV chemical spill, climate change indicator in the WNC region, issues with DENR and coal ash ponds in NC, economic impacts of climate change and more. Original Air Date 1-26-14
Coal first half 1-26-14
Coal second half 1-26-14

What’s new for ECO in 2014? Henderson County’s Environmental Conservation Organization ECO at 26 years is still as active as ever! The annual Heritage Tree sale, Big Sweep Cleanups, Sustainable Living Workshop series, VWIN and SMIE creek and water ways monitoring, Green Home Tours and a special Public Legislative Forum January 23, 2014 are a few of the topics discussed with Rachel Hodge, Executive Director, Rebecca Stissle Moon, Administrative Assistant and Seireis Baker, Water Quality Administrator. Original Air Date 1-19-14
ECO first half 1-19-14
ECO second half 1-19-14

Stephen Smith, owner of M.S. Lean Landscaping and Site Coordinator with Green Opportunities, offers a compelling and insightful look at the challenges facing people who have been incarcerated and served their time, re-entering society. His REACH program, Realizing Expectations And Cultivating Hope, draws from his personal experiences and background. How do we define ourselves and others? How do we move ahead in our lives after making mistakes? Stephen recounts his mistakes and the path forward that was so successful for him, and his efforts to share those experiences with others. Original Air Date 1-12-14
SmithFirstHalf 1-12-14
SmithSecondHalf 1-12-14