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Hope Taylor, Executive Director of Clean Water for North Carolina, provides and in-depth look at the hazards and problems associated with ‘fracking’, or hydraulic fracturing for natural gas deep underground. Water pollution, contamination of soils, carbon emissions, job losses and revenue leaving the region are problems discussed, as well as pending legislation to begin ‘fracking’ in North Carolina.

Click to listen. Original Air Date 6-12-11.

Cecil Bothwell, Asheville City Councilman, author, builder, commentator and candidate for the NC 11th District Congressional seat joins host Ned Ryan Doyle for a discussion of the current news events including redistricting efforts in NC, budget reduction efforts, health care, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, environmental roll back efforts, corporate welfare and much more.

Click to listen. Original Air Date 5-29-11.

“Feed the Kids Coalition” participants Helen Bishop, Pastor Sandi Rice and Clair Newcombe visit Our Southern Community Center to discuss their inter-faith efforts to provide weekly meals to over 200 children each Friday for the local Boys & Girls Club. Working together, currently nine faith congregations cooperate in the gathering, preparation and serving of healthy, nutritious meals at no cost to the children. Original Air Date 5-22-11

Click to listen. Original Airdate 5-22-11.

Robin Cape, Project Coordinator for the “Reading, Riding and Retrofit” Program in Buncombe County, explains the benefits and achievements of this on-of-a-kind initiative that integrates sustainability into local schools with projects such as school gardening, building retrofits for energy savings, community participation and much more! Original Air Date 5-15-11.
Click to listen. Original Airdate 5-15-11.

Brian O’Hara, President of the N.C. Offshore Wind Coalition, and Ken Brame with the Sierra Club discuss the potential benefits & opportunities with developing wind resources off the coast of North Carolina including jobs, economic development and lower cost energy with private investments without tax payer or ratepayer risk. Original Air Date 5-8-11
Click to listen. Original Airdate 5-8-2011.

Tim McCoyle of TADS LLC joins host Ned Ryan Doyle for a lively discussion of recycling opportunites today and the positive environmental and economic benefits. How many tons of so-called ‘waste’ can be recycled and kept from the landfill from just five restaurants in one month? How can a business with 27 employees generate less waste than an average household? Find out as Tim McCoyle explains the rewards and benefits of recycling.
Click to listen. Original Airdate 5-1-2011.

April is Earth Month as we visit with ECO, the Environmental and Conservation Organization in Henderson County. David Weintraub, Executive Director, Kat Freeman, Water Quality Coordinator, George Tregay, Energy Committee and Michele Skeel, volunteer and member of the Atomic Sisterhood singing group discuss environmental issues and the upcoming ECO Earth Event at Blue ridge Community College April 30th, 2011.
Click to listen. Original Airdate 4-24-2011.

Ken Brame with the WENOCA Sierra Club, Erica Palmer, Outreach Manger with the WNC Alliance and D.J. Gerken with the Southern Environmental Law Center discuss the current efforts to roll back or eliminate a wide range of legislation that not only protects our environment but also supports the regional economy of tourism, agriculture and sustainable job creation. Find out how you can have your voice heard at the April 15th public hearing on these issues, 1:00 to 3:00 at Blue Ridge Community College, Flat Rock, NC.
Click to listen. Original Airdate 4-10-2011.

The non-profit organization Southwings sponsors a private flight for Dennis Turner, Jerry Nelson and host Ned Ryan Doyle over the I-26 / I-40 highway corridor to highlight the transportation hazards of high level nuclear materials through the mountains, with a special focus on the Sandymush area previously studied as a possible long term nuclear waste repository. Following that, a visit to Zak Vilan, 8th grade student at Evergreen Community Charter School, whose environmental project is supported by the WNC Physicians for Social Responsibility.
Click to listen. Original Airdate 4-3-2011.

Erika Schnieder, Outreach Coordinator for Sundance Power Systems and Brian Taylor with Land of Sky Regional Council discuss the emerging electric vehicle infrastructure in the WNC region, from installation of home charging stations to public facilities, new commercial electric vehicles and the various aspects of transitioning to a sustainable, clean transportation system.
Click to listen. Original Airdate 3-27-2011.

Recorded before a live audience March 16th, 2011 at Asheville Green Drinks, with host Ned Ryan Doyle, Mary Olson, Southeast Coordinator for the Nuclear Resource and Information Service provides an update on the Japan nuclear disaster, it’s connections to American nuclear waste issues and transportation hazards in a live Q&A session.
Click to listen. Original Airdate 3-20-2011.

Progress Energy Vice Presidents John Smith, Western Region, and Robert Sipes, Distribution, join host Ned Ryan Doyle to discuss current aspects of the Duke Energy merger, it’s potential impacts on regional utility operations, Smart Grid efforts and a range of issues.
Click to listen. Original Airdate 3-13-2011.

Matt Seigel, Executive Director of the WNC Green Building Council, and Marcus Renner, Green Building Specialist, join host Ned Ryan Doyle for an explanation of the new “Neighbor Saves” program, a unique approach to weatherization in homes. Save money in the process of improving your homes energy efficiency, which then saves you even more money, and lets you work with friends & neighbors. Plus a ‘behind the scenes’ conversation of the making of their music video “Seal It Tight” – it’s going viral!
Click to listen. Original Airdate 3-6-2011.

Dr. Don Richardson with the WNC Physicians for Social Responsibility explores the economic costs & impacts of nuclear power historically and the current proposals for 100’s of billions in new costs at taxpayer and rate payer expense. In addition to construction costs, there are the ‘hidden costs’ of current nuclear waste, decommissioning old plants, health impacts, mining and long term storage.
Click to listen. Original Airdate 2-27-2011.

Tracy Davids, Executive Director and Ben Colvin, Donor Relations Coordinator, with the non-profit organization WildSouth join host Ned Ryan Doyle for an overview of efforts to protect national forests for everyone’s use and benefit. From Alabama to Virginia, WildSouth works on projects including mapping Cherokee Heritage trails, in- school student education, field trips, providing public oversight of federal forest programs and the annual Roosevelt – Ashe Conservation Awards.
Click to listen. Original Airdate 2-20-2011.

Jessica Hocz with Mountain Valley Resource Conservation and Development, a regional non-profit effort, outlines the “Wind for Schools” program designed to educate in schools and in communities the economic and energy benefits of clean, sustainable wind power. A collaborative effort with Appalachian State University, the State Energy Office, regional power companies and the local community, “Wind for Schools” installs and monitors a wind turbine at a selected school as part of an ongoing educational and job training initiative. Also, after this discussion, host Ned Ryan Doyle briefly reports on his visit to the President’s ‘Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future’.
Click to listen. Original Airdate 2-13-2011.

Dr. Richard Fireman, Public Policy Coordinator for Interfaith Power and Light in North Carolina, shares the mission and reflections on today’s crisis with our environment, climate, energy & food supplies. What do all religions and spiritual philosophies have in common? Caring for Creation. Whether you’re deeply religious… or agnostic, this is a conversation for greater awareness.
Click to listen. Original Airdate 2-6-2011.

Interested in saving energy and a new job? Isaac Savage, founder & President of Home Energy Partners, discusses issues with home energy improvements and the emerging technical training available to do the job right. What’s a BPI technician? or a HERS Rater? From remodeling to new construction, the science of energy conservation and efficiency not only saves money, but is creating jobs.
Click to listen. Original Airdate 1-30-2011.

Roland McReynolds, Executive Director of the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association, joins host Ned Ryan Doyle with information about the recent Farm Safety Bill, local issues, new regional programs for sustainable farming in the Carolinas and more.
Click to listen. Original Airdate 1-23-2011.

Robert Eidus, Cory Pine Shane & Mark Williams join host Ned Ryan Doyle for a look at the medicinal plant goldenseal in North Carolina, recently de-listed as a threatened plant species by the NC Plant Commission. The history and uses of goldenseal are outlined, the current regional industry and the uncertain future of this remarkable plant are all at stake.
Click to listen. Original Airdate 1-16-2011.

The Year 2010 in Review with author, commentator, writer and Asheville City Councilman Cecil Bothwell. Cecil and host Ned Ryan Doyle discuss some of the noteworthy events from 2010 in the realm of energy, environment and economics including the Gulf Oil disaster, the earthquake in Haiti, the rise of the TEA Party, energy policy, green building an much more!
Click to listen. Original Airdate 1-9-2011.

If the Savannah River Site becomes a federal government re-processing facility extracting plutonium from highly radioactive nuclear fuel rods shipped from all across the United States, the likelyhood of radiation related transport accidents, plus a Southeast high level radiation waste dump, will increase. The “Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future” will submit recommends to President Obama this year. Join host Ned Ryan Doyle with guest Mary Olson, SE Coordinator for the Nuclear Information and Resource Service.
Click to listen. Original Airdate 1-2-2011.

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