Building Community with Brotherhug Barlow

Brotherhug goodA wonderful conversation with Brotherhug Barlow, the ever charming Communitarian! What do greenways, community spaces, air conditioning, front porches, abandoned rail lines, creeks, home design and gardening have in common? They can either build community or hinder building community, as Brotherhug explains in a fun discussion with host Ned Ryan Doyle.

Brotherhug and his family spent many years in the Five Points area of Atlanta before settling in Asheville, experiencing and learning what it takes to bring people together in communities on a truly local level, from pot luck suppers and music gatherings to local food coops and even banking! With a talent and passion for greenways and open spaces, Brotherhug as been an effective advocate for community and organizational collaboration in developing the Hominy Creek Greenway  and much more. With a wonderful dose of historical facts surrounding the current Asheville Buncombe efforts to connect open spaces, provide walking and biking opportunities and preserve environmentally and socially valuable resources, a wonderful interview!

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Brotherhug Barlow, 1st half

Brotherhug Barlow, 2nd half

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