WNC for Bernie Sanders

Bob Hanna, PHD, host of "Living Well" on Asheville FM

Bob Hanna, PHD, host of “Living Well” on Asheville FM

Bob Hanna, host of ‘Living Well’ on Asheville FM and interim spokesperson for ‘WNC for Bernie Sanders‘, visits Our Southern Community to discuss Bernie Sanders’ extraordinary entry into the Presidential race for 2016, as an Independent running for the Democratic nomination. Grassroots support is rapidly expanding nationwide and WNC is no exception. Learn about this remarkable  candidate and what’s happening in WNC!

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Bernie Sanders 1st half

Bernie Sanders 2nd half



Cecil Bothwell’s News in Review

Cecil Bothwell, artist, writer, journalist, and more!

Cecil Bothwell, artist, writer, journalist, and more!

Cecil Bothwell, Asheville City Councilperson, writer, journalist and community leader visits Our Southern Community for another interesting, informative  and lively “News in Review” program!  Bernie Sander’s remarkable popularity, a brief history of political changes in the nation, Pope Francis and his climate encyclical, emerging energy changes, community developments, and more.

Whether you agree or disagree with Cecil on issues of energy, environment and economics, his views and analysis of the news and events are always thought provoking, well reasoned and very often entertaining!

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Cecil Bothwell 1st half.
Cecil Bothwell 2nd half.

SOS Forests Campaign with Dogwood Alliance



Communications Director Scot Quaranda with the Dogwood Alliance

Scot Quaranda, energetic Communications Director for the Dogwood Alliance , joins host Ned Ryan Doyle to talk about the SOS Forests Campaign, “Save Our Southern” Forests. Deforestation in the South is increasing and the clear cut wood is being exported to Europe to be burned as fuel. Wetlands are being destroyed to make wood pellets, while communities are faced with a range of problems along the Gulf Coast and Atlantic Coast.

SOS Forests Campaign will bring awareness, education and – in  the Dogwood tradition – some fun with concerts and special events as they tour a range of cities that currently have pellet mills and export facilities. Scot explains why this expansion of devastating clear cutting is happening, it’s environmental and economic impacts and much more in a lively conversation!

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SOS Forests 1st half

SOS Forests 2nd half

Read 2 Succeed Asheville

Diane Amos and Pat Bastian with "Read 2 Succeed Asheville"

Diane Amos and Pat Bastian with “Read 2 Succeed Asheville” recorded at Isaac Dickson Elementary

With staggering and growing illiteracy rates in the United States, a locally developed effort “Read 2 Succeed Asheville” is making headway on getting children a solid foundation from the start. Diane Amos, Secretary and Treasurer, and Pat Bastian, Executive Director, explain how this innovative and successful program is changing children’s lives.

Volunteer Mentors and Reading Buddies work with children K through 3rd grade to bring them up to their grade level reading skills, developing support relationships and rewarding both mentors and students. Since 2010, “Read 2 Succeed Asheville” has made remarkable progress in helping the children to read, creating community partnerships and expanding their efforts in the Asheville school system. The next training session for volunteers is in August… listen in to our conversation and perhaps sign up as a volunteer!

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Read 2 Succeed Asheville 1st half

Read 2 Succeed Asheville 2nd half

Strive Not To Drive 2015

Another Asheville on Bikes .. Bike Corral!

Another Asheville on Bikes .. Bike Corral!

Mike Sule, Director of Asheville on Bikes, and Don Kostelec, Transportation Planner with Kostelec Planning, provide a lively and informative conversation on the upcoming Strive Not to Drive  Friday, May 15 – Friday, May 22, 2015!

Challenge yourself to a day, three days or an entire week of not using a single-occupancy car.

What are your options? Take the bus, walk, carpool, car-share or bike instead! Details for Strive Not to Drive 2015 events are coming together.  Check out the Event pages for details. We will start with a bicycle parking corral at Downtown After Five. Also check out the Resources page for ideas and assistance to help you find transportation alternatives.

Take the Pledge to Strive Not to Drive!

Strive Not to Drive 2015!

Strive Not to Drive 2015!

Walking the Talk: The Strive Not to Drive community walking tour will be Tuesday May 19th, led by Don Kostelec and Michael Sule and will explore downtown Asheville’s pedestrian infrastructure.  Walking is a great way to experience what is working well and where we can improve our community to make our streets safer and better for all transportation users.  Anyone is welcome to join the walk and share your thoughts and ideas (“talk”) during the walk.

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Strive Not to Drive 1st Half

Strive Not to Drive 2nd half

Accelerating Appalachia with SaraDay Evans

SaraDay Evans, founder of Accelerating Appalachia, calls Our Southern Community from Kentucky for a discussion of the upcoming “Pitch Party” and the 2015 fresh crop of nature-based businesses! The keynote speaker is the fabulous Judy Wicks, thought leader in growing good economies, co-founder of Be A Localist Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE)and reading from her book “Good Morning Beautiful Business”!! Meet the incredible group of graduates in food, farming, eco-services, seeds, botanical essences, natural building and games! Join us for a meaningful and fun-filled evening with yummy local appetizers and cash bar. Get your tickets now at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2015-accelerating-appalachia-celebration-with-judy-wicks-tickets-16816558780

SaraDay Evans, founder of Accelerating Appalachia

SaraDay Evans, founder of Accelerating Appalachia

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Accelerating Appalachia 1st half

Accelerating Appalachia 2nd half

Mother Earth News Staff Reunion

MEN Reunion Line Up!

MEN Reunion Line Up!

Just in time for Mother’s Day, Mother’s Reunion!! 
What was it like in the beginning? Original staffers from the 70’s and 80’s at the Mother Earth News Magazine in Hendersonville, NC gathered at the WNC Ag Center in April. Greening the basement library, carbon paper, wood powered cars, alcohol fuel, cross country races, organic gardens, permaculture, massages and yoga, children born and more are recalled in this special program.

Franklin Sides Bob Kornegay Susan Sides

Franklin Sides Bob Kornegay Susan Sides

Hosted by the current Mother Earth News owner and publisher Brian Welch at the MEN Fair, Bob Kornegay, Kathleen Seebe, Beach Barrett, Jeanne Malmgren, Jade Kornegay Lanzetta, Franklin and Susan Sides, Richard Colgan and Richard Fruedenberger offer their recollections of the “olden days” as sustainable pioneers at the original Mother Earth News Magazine. Recorded on location live at the time, hear a personal recollection from the folks decades ago that made so much happen.

Bob Kornegay  Ned Doyle with Original MEN Permaculture Homestead Drawing

Bob Kornegay Ned Doyle with Original MEN Permaculture Homestead Drawing

Many more great people worked at Mother in those days, we were but a few of them. Three decades and short notice left many unable to attend, while some attending did not have time for an interview.. after all, they are former Mothers.. busy with something good! Please enjoy an extended ‘Our Southern Community’, nearly an hour, for insights and laughs. For more on our reunion, check out the Mountain Xpress.

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First Half with Franklin and Susan Sides, Jade Kornegay, Richard Colgan and Kathleen Seebe.

Second Half with Richard Fruedenberger, Jeanne Malmgren, Beach Barret and Bob Kornegay.

WNC Physicians for Social Responsibility

WNC PSR members Mary Olson,  D. Terry Clark and Steve Gilman

WNC PSR members Mary Olson, D. Terry Clark and Steve Gilman

Members of the WNC chapter of the Physicians for Social Responsibility – Mary Olson, Dr. Terry Clark and Steve Gilman – explain the ongoing efforts to reduce and eventually eliminate nuclear weapons. Nuclear power plants and nuclear weapons are inextricably linked. While much attention these days has focused on the dangers and unaffordable costs of nuclear power generation, there remains grave risk from the global nuclear weapons arsenal.

Health impacts from radiation exposures impact young girls and women more than men, the non-radiological fallout as dust from a limited regional nuclear war could disrupt the weather and growing seasons enough to cause starvation of nearly one third of the global population… even without a full scale nuclear war. Over 100 nations are calling on the 9 nuclear weapons nations to disarm. Preventing nuclear weapons from being used even accidentally is crucial, along with phasing them out. Find out how you can become more educated on these issues, take action with the WNC chapter of the Physicians for Social Responsibility.  Learn more about all the issues from the Nuclear Information and Resources Service .

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WNC PSR 1st half:

WNC PSR 2nd half:

‘Beyond Coal’ at Lake Julian with Julie Mayfield and Joan Walker

beyond coal logo

Joan Walker, campaign coodinator for Beyond Coal campaign with May Walker!

Joan Walker, campaign coodinator for WNC’s Beyond Coal campaign….. with May Walker!

Beyond Coal campaign coordinator Joan Walker and WNC’s MountainTrue co-director Julie Mayfield address the issue of increased pollution from the Duke / Progress Energy Lake Julian coal fired power plant. Why are emissions exceeding federal guidelines? Where are those areas most impacted by excessive sulfur dioxides, or SO2? How does the switch to using more higher sulfur coal contribute to this problem?

The Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal campaign and efforts by MountainTrue and others are encouraging people to make their views heard at the upcoming public hearing and on line. Dial up the pollution scrubbers and cut out high sulfur coal, keep to the SO2 limits!

Julie Mayfield, co-director of MountainTrue

Julie Mayfield, co-director of MountainTrue

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Beyond Coal 1st half

Beyond Coal 2nd half




Dogwood Alliance “Our Forests Are Not Fuel”

112272jh Banner 1 copy            Ned Ryan Doyle Emily Zucchino Adam Macon

Did you know that millions of acres of Southern forests are being clear cut for so called “renewable” energy, while more acreage is threatened? Adam Macon, Campaign Director, and Emily Zucchino, Campaign Organizer, with Dogwood Alliance detail the many aspects of this ongoing crisis and, most importantly, how you can be involved to support the “Our Forests Aren’t Fuel” effort!

Well intentioned, but poorly thought out, European energy policy, the environmental impacts that result from clear cutting on sensitive areas, the economic and cultural impacts on local communities, the negative consequences of cutting down our forest when they are a top carbon “sink” to address climate change and much more are discussed with host Ned Ryan Doyle during a visit to the offices of the Dogwood Alliance.

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Dogwood Alliance 1st half

Dogwood Alliance 2nd half