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Nedradio2Your support for “Our Southern Community” will help keep intelligent talk radio on the air and over the internet, sharing the stories of the people and the issues of the environment, energy and economics, now for nearly 15 years.

For years, folks have commented to me many many times “Love the show, great guests, appreciate it … but I forget and miss the broadcast!”
Support “Our Southern Community” at $20 a year…. that’s about 45 shows a year!…and get weekly email notifications and links for each new program to listen to at your leisure. With  busy schedules, it can be a challenge to hear the broadcasts and, of course, digital media has changed how many get information. More ‘perks’ for subscribing are being planned, “stay tuned”!

At the same time, “Our Southern Community” advocates for local grassroots radio as well. Your support will also help  to support local community radio efforts such as Asheville Free Media and WPVM 103.7 LP with traditional broadcast programming. How much support can be provided will depend directly on how many listeners support “Our Southern Community” as subscribers.

With your support, “Our Southern Community” plans to expand into more local communities around the region to share the important topics and issues that impact us all. If you’d like to have your local radio station air “Our Southern Community”… let me know and I’ll contact them.

Like this idea? Support “Our Southern Community”  at $50 / year and get an additional subscription for a friend of your choice. $100 / year and choose three friends to share the weekly program. I’ll contact you via email for your additional friend’s emails if you choose either option.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to post here at the website or email me at .

Thank You Very Much!
Ned Ryan Doyle
Host, “Our Southern Community”

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