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The non-profit organization Southwings sponsors a private flight for Dennis Turner, Jerry Nelson and host Ned Ryan Doyle over the I-26 / I-40 highway corridor to highlight the transportation hazards of high level nuclear materials through the mountains, with a special focus on the Sandymush area previously studied as a possible long term nuclear waste repository. Following that, a visit to Zak Vilan, 8th grade student at Evergreen Community Charter School, whose environmental project is supported by the WNC Physicians for Social Responsibility.
Click to listen. Original Airdate 4-3-2011.

Erika Schnieder, Outreach Coordinator for Sundance Power Systems and Brian Taylor with Land of Sky Regional Council discuss the emerging electric vehicle infrastructure in the WNC region, from installation of home charging stations to public facilities, new commercial electric vehicles and the various aspects of transitioning to a sustainable, clean transportation system.
Click to listen. Original Airdate 3-27-2011.

Recorded before a live audience March 16th, 2011 at Asheville Green Drinks, with host Ned Ryan Doyle, Mary Olson, Southeast Coordinator for the Nuclear Resource and Information Service provides an update on the Japan nuclear disaster, it's connections to American nuclear waste issues and transportation hazards in a live Q&A session.
Click to listen. Original Airdate 3-20-2011.

Progress Energy Vice Presidents John Smith, Western Region, and Robert Sipes, Distribution, join host Ned Ryan Doyle to discuss current aspects of the Duke Energy merger, it's potential impacts on regional utility operations, Smart Grid efforts and a range of issues.
Click to listen. Original Airdate 3-13-2011.

Matt Seigel, Executive Director of the WNC Green Building Council, and Marcus Renner, Green Building Specialist, join host Ned Ryan Doyle for an explanation of the new "Neighbor Saves" program, a unique approach to weatherization in homes. Save money in the process of improving your homes energy efficiency, which then saves you even more money, and lets you work with friends & neighbors. Plus a 'behind the scenes' conversation of the making of their music video "Seal It Tight" - it's going viral!
Click to listen. Original Airdate 3-6-2011.

Dr. Don Richardson with the WNC Physicians for Social Responsibility explores the economic costs & impacts of nuclear power historically and the current proposals for 100's of billions in new costs at taxpayer and rate payer expense. In addition to construction costs, there are the 'hidden costs' of current nuclear waste, decommissioning old plants, health impacts, mining and long term storage.
Click to listen. Original Airdate 2-27-2011.

Tracy Davids, Executive Director and Ben Colvin, Donor Relations Coordinator, with the non-profit organization WildSouth join host Ned Ryan Doyle for an overview of efforts to protect national forests for everyone's use and benefit. From Alabama to Virginia, WildSouth works on projects including mapping Cherokee Heritage trails, in- school student education, field trips, providing public oversight of federal forest programs and the annual Roosevelt - Ashe Conservation Awards.
Click to listen. Original Airdate 2-20-2011.

Jessica Hocz with Mountain Valley Resource Conservation and Development, a regional non-profit effort, outlines the "Wind for Schools" program designed to educate in schools and in communities the economic and energy benefits of clean, sustainable wind power. A collaborative effort with Appalachian State University, the State Energy Office, regional power companies and the local community, "Wind for Schools" installs and monitors a wind turbine at a selected school as part of an ongoing educational and job training initiative. Also, after this discussion, host Ned Ryan Doyle briefly reports on his visit to the President's 'Blue Ribbon Commission on America's Nuclear Future'.
Click to listen. Original Airdate 2-13-2011.

Dr. Richard Fireman, Public Policy Coordinator for Interfaith Power and Light in North Carolina, shares the mission and reflections on today's crisis with our environment, climate, energy & food supplies. What do all religions and spiritual philosophies have in common? Caring for Creation. Whether you're deeply religious... or agnostic, this is a conversation for greater awareness.
Click to listen. Original Airdate 2-6-2011.

Interested in saving energy and a new job? Isaac Savage, founder & President of Home Energy Partners, discusses issues with home energy improvements and the emerging technical training available to do the job right. What's a BPI technician? or a HERS Rater? From remodeling to new construction, the science of energy conservation and efficiency not only saves money, but is creating jobs.
Click to listen. Original Airdate 1-30-2011.

Roland McReynolds, Executive Director of the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association, joins host Ned Ryan Doyle with information about the recent Farm Safety Bill, local issues, new regional programs for sustainable farming in the Carolinas and more.
Click to listen. Original Airdate 1-23-2011.

Robert Eidus, Cory Pine Shane & Mark Williams join host Ned Ryan Doyle for a look at the medicinal plant goldenseal in North Carolina, recently de-listed as a threatened plant species by the NC Plant Commission. The history and uses of goldenseal are outlined, the current regional industry and the uncertain future of this remarkable plant are all at stake.
Click to listen. Original Airdate 1-16-2011.

The Year 2010 in Review with author, commentator, writer and Asheville City Councilman Cecil Bothwell. Cecil and host Ned Ryan Doyle discuss some of the noteworthy events from 2010 in the realm of energy, environment and economics including the Gulf Oil disaster, the earthquake in Haiti, the rise of the TEA Party, energy policy, green building an much more!
Click to listen. Original Airdate 1-9-2011.

If the Savannah River Site becomes a federal government re-processing facility extracting plutonium from highly radioactive nuclear fuel rods shipped from all across the United States, the likelyhood of radiation related transport accidents, plus a Southeast high level radiation waste dump, will increase. The "Blue Ribbon Commission on America's Nuclear Future" will submit recommends to President Obama this year. Join host Ned Ryan Doyle with guest Mary Olson, SE Coordinator for the Nuclear Information and Resource Service.
Click to listen. Original Airdate 1-2-2011.

Annmarie McConnell, Beth Beasley, Diane Rhoades and Steve Breckheimer are active with "Transition Hendersonville", a worldwide, yet uniquely local, movement of community efforts to adjust and adapt to the end of cheap oil. Sharing skills, encouraging local food production, finding friends and much more are part of their Transition Town community design and plan.
Click to listen. Original Airdate 12-19-2010.

Our Southern Community visits with "Students Against a Vanishing Environment", S.A.V.E., at West Henderson High in Hendersonville, N.C. Louie Sinclair and Matt Ramsey, seniors, outline the recent formation of S.A.V.E. and some of the initial efforts and activities to raise awareness of environmental issues locally and globally.
Click to listen. Original Airdate 12-12-2010.

Matt Siegel, Executive Director of the WNC Green Building Council and Chris Mathis, President of Mathis Consulting Company, join host Ned Ryan Doyle for a discussion of the roadblocks facing implementation of new building codes in North Carolina. Improved building codes can positively impact our energy future, current and future job markets, the unbalanced hardships for low income families, our environment and more! Learn the facts and how you can weigh in for an improved, energy efficient building code.
Click to listen. Original Airdate 12-5-2010.

"Blue Ridge Forever" is a co-operative effort consisting of nine regional land conservation organizations working together to preserve the natural abundance of the region. Sally Walker, Executive Director of the Pacolet Area Conservancy and William Hamilton, Farmlands Preservation Coordinator for the Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy, outline the remarkably successful efforts over the last 5 years to protect over 50,000 acres, as well as ongoing work to defend our natural heritage and improve the regional economy.
Click to listen. Original Airdate 11-28-2010.

Talking Turkey with Stewart David! The President of Carolina Animal Action joins host Ned Ryan Doyle for their annual Thanksgiving program with fun (and not so fun) food facts, with dairy products, meat consumption, climate change, personal health, national health care and sustainable economics, all a part of the conversation. A cornucopia of food for thought – and family conversation – this Thanksgiving!
Click to listen. Original Airdate 11-21-2010.

With fiscal constraint and 'Taxed Enough Already' sentiment sweeping the nation, new scrutiny as to the costs of energy systems is now a topic of conversation. Mary Olson, SE Coordinator for NIRS, explains the recent cancellation of a $10 billion Maryland power plant in economic terms. It's just too expensive when there are many more cost effective solutions to our energy needs. Additional new taxation schemes for unsustainable energy systems in the Southeast region are also outlined.
Click to listen. Original Airdate 11-14-2010.

An archived Our Southern Community interview with the late Frank Cook discussing the emerging 'Transition Town' movements around the world. What happens locally when oil and conventional energy sources are exhausted or cut off? How resilient and sustainable would your community be? Hundreds of towns and cities are now examining their options for energy efficient systems and 're-skilled' populations. Recorded in June of 2008 on the grounds of the Beaverdam Nature Preserve, Frank covers the beginnings of the movement, permaculture and much more.
Click to listen. Encore Airdate 11-7-2010.

What would happen if the utility rates we pay were inverted? Use less, pay less is the simple answer. Avram Friedman, Executive Director of the Canary Coalition, outlines the proposal for inverting the rate structure in North Carolina as an incentive for energy efficiency, reduced cost, lowered environmental pollution and social justice. Successful in other states and countries, this approach is being examined by citizens and legislators alike.
Click to listen. Originally aired 10-17-2010.

Part Two of our conversation with "Whale Falls" author and Asheville, NC, City Councilman Cecil Bothwell discussing the consequences of our beliefs. Public education, world population, food infrastructure, energy policies and more, are topics of conversation that explore the social, environmental and economic consequences of our beliefs.
Click to listen. Originally aired 10-10-2010.

Actor Lee Stetson portrays naturalist John Muir in a stage production October 7th of "A Tramp and a Roughrider", the story of Teddy Roosevelt and John Muir's 3 day camping excursion a century ago. Lee visits Our Southern Community with a fascinating preview of America's central figures in the recognition and development of the current national parks system. If you think environmentalism is a new idea... think again!
Part One. Originally aired 10-3-2010.
Part Two. Originally aired 10-3-2010.

Have you ever thought about beliefs and their consequences? Join us for the first half of a thought provoking discussion with Cecil Bothwell, author of "Whale Falls", Asheville City Councilman and nationally recognized speaker on the subject. How do our beliefs have consequences for our drug policy? Or energy policies? From the wisdom of our Founding Fathers to our current affairs, a broad look at the often unintended consequences of our beliefs.
Part One. Originally aired 9-26-2010.
Part Two. Originally aired 9-26-2010.

The second half of our conversation about new building codes, the economic benefits, new jobs potential and more with Chris Mathis, President of Mathis Consulting. From the impacts of energy costs on the poorest segments of the population to the projected growth of the region, building codes have a dramatic impact. Upcoming decisions about new energy building codes may well be one of the most important and critical factors in protecting our economy and our environment. Learn more!
Part One. Originally aired 9-12-2010.
Part Two. Originally aired 9-12-2010.

Join host Ned Ryan Doyle and Chris Mathis, President of Mathis Consulting in Asheville NC for the first half of an in-depth discussion of building codes and their impact on our energy usage, economics and environment. From the Code of Hamarabi 4,000 years ago to today, building codes have played a critical, if under appreciated, role in modern civilization. Improving our building codes may well be the single best means of addressing climate change, energy demands and boosting our economy.
Part One. Originally aired 9-5-2010.
Part Two. Originally aired 9-5-2010.

Blue Ridge Biofuels is one of the most successful community biofuel projectors in the country, recycling waste oils into fuel on a local scale. Join Melita Kryiakou, Business Administrator and Woody Eaton, Project Manager for an insightful look at biofuels today, in particular biodiesel. Jacon Herrin, 'Our Southern Community' intern, takes part with questions on the glycerin by products as related to his research project.
Part One. Originally aired 8-22-2010.
Part Two. Originally aired 8-22-2010.

Richard Fruedenberger, publisher of BackHome Magazine, discusses sustainability and their landmark 20 years of publication. Ethanol fuels, biodiesel, electric vehicles, and a wide range of sustainable subjects are covered from the perspective of decades of first hand experience. Recorded on location in the back yard of BackHome Magazine, Flat Rock, NC, with host Ned Ryan Doyle.
Part One. Originally aired 8-15-2010.
Part Two. Originally aired 8-15-2010.

Bobby Simpson, Project Manager for Smart Grid Progress Energy of the Carolinas, joins host Ned Ryan Doyle for an update on the advances and development of new technology for energy distribution based on 21st century technology. Demand side management, customer access to pricing, 2 way communication and much more form the basis for a modern grid system. If you care about clean energy and technology, a fascinating conversation!
Part One. Originally aired 8-8-2010.
Part Two. Originally aired 8-8-2010.

An enlightening and engaging conversation with Alan & Jessica Enzo, Co-Directors of 'Happily Distracted Permaculture' about… Permaculture! Ever wonder if there was a better approach to agriculture, home and community design and living a better life? Explore the approach known as Permaculture, shorthand to some as Permanent Agriculture, and to others, short for Permanent Culture. Planning and working with nature, rather than against nature, is the essence of Permaculture. A wonderful introduction to the basic principles for everyone.
Part One. Originally aired 8-1-2010.
Part Two. Originally aired 8-1-2010.

The Environmental and Conservation Organization's Executive Director David Weintraub joins host Ned Ryan Doyle for a conversation about environmental challenges today and the expanding awareness of the economic benefits of natural resources conservation. Trout stream protections, water quality monitoring, home weatherization, the Green Home Tour and more illustrate the efforts of ECO, and other organizations, that wer facing tough times economically themselves, yet delivering cost effective results for their community.
Part One. Originally aired 7-25-2010.
Part Two. Originally aired 7-25-2010.

French Broad Riverkeeper Hartwell Carson, with the WNC Alliance, discusses the recent community paddle trip down the length of the river and the related threats to the river's health, such as sedimentation, point source pollution and loss of buffers. Find out about the Muddy Waters Watch training program, ongoing efforts to monitor and protect the quality of the river and it's natural habitats.
Part One. Originally aired 7-18-2010.
Part Two. Originally aired 7-18-2010.

The second half of a two part discussion with Wally Bowen, Executive Director of MAIN - Mountain Area Information Network - on the future of the internet and the social and economic benefits of regional rural broadband access. Plus, an additional conversation with Jacob Herrin, current Our Southern Community summer intern and graduate student from Appalachian State University.
Part One. Originally aired 7-11-2010.
Part Two. Originally aired 7-11-2010.

Wally Bowen, Executive Director of the Mountain Area Information Network, discusses the challenges and opportunities that are unfolding today for the internet and modern information communications systems, from loss of net neutrality to the restrictions on innovation and economic development as a result of the expanding corporate control of our public airwaves. What has a funeral director in the 1800's and a Texas rancher in the 1950's have to do with our internet liberty and freedoms today? Find out in this informative interview!
Part One. Originally aired 7-4-2010.
Part Two. Originally aired 7-4-2010.

Green Brothers Solar offers a new model for sustainable energy by incorporating youth education with solar technologies. Accem Scott, owner, and John Hairfield, education and operations coordinator, discuss their backgrounds which led to their current efforts at engaging and educating young adults, beyond the basic technical skills. What's a 'solar ninja'? Find out!
Part One. Originally aired 6-27-2010.
Part Two. Originally aired 6-27-2010.

Duke Energy is proposing to build two new nuclear reactors on the Broad River in Gaffney, SC, drawing millions of gallons of fresh river water every day and releasing it as steam. Laura Sorenson, Ellen Thomas and Mary Olson join host Ned Ryan Doyle for a discussion of the water usage impacts on the river, health issues in adjacent communities and costs for construction.
Part One. Originally aired 6-13-2010.
Part Two. Originally aired 6-13-2010.

Asheville Buncombe Technical Community College's Dean of Engineering & Applied Technology, Vernon Daugherty, along with and Department Chair for the Construction Management Program and the new Chair of the Sustainable Technology Program, Ken Czarnomski, join host Ned Ryan Doyle to showcase the emerging options for job development and retraining in sustainable fields, and a special look at the new 2 year Sustainable Technology degree program, forming the foundation for a wide range of good careers and regional economic development.
Part One. Originally aired 6-6-2010.
Part Two. Originally aired 6-6-2010.

The Asheville Energy Independence Initiative is a proposal adapted from other successful programs to allow homeowners and businesses to invest in clean energy and energy efficiency with financing mechanisms that virtually eliminates the upfront capital costs, while providing a repayment means that balances with the energy savings. Asheville City Councilman Brownie Newman joins Our Southern Community to detail the proposal and it's benefits for the regional economy and environment.
Part One. Originally aired 5-30-2010.
Part Two. Originally aired 5-30-2010.

Part Two of our conversation with Cecil Bothwell and Jennifer Rennicks on the Gulf Oil disaster and it's environmental and policy implications. Program Two of Two.
Part One. Originally aired 5-23-2010.
Part Two. Originally aired 5-23-2010.

As the Gulf oil disaster unfolds, this week's program is first of two parts exploring the impacts on our environment, energy policy and economics. Jennifer Rennicks, Federal Policy Coordinator for the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy and Cecil Bothwell, environmental advocate and Asheville City Councilman, join host Ned Ryan Doyle for an overview of the damages to date and potential future damages. Also, a brief look at some of the provisions of the newly proposed American Power Act are outlined at the conclusion. Program One of Two.
Part One. Originally aired 5-16-2010.
Part Two. Originally aired 5-16-2010.

A visit to the EnergyXchange in Burnsville, NC demonstrates that there's gas in them thar landfill hills! Dan Asher, Executive Director of the project, explains the background and applications for recovered methane gas to fire kilns, heat greenhouses, incubate new business and support the local economy, while reducing the contribution of climate change gases from our waste. Local artists create pottery, glass works and much more at one of the nations first examples of small scale landfill gas recovery.
Part One. Originally aired 5-9-2010.
Part Two. Originally aired 5-9-2010.

Steep slopes and landslides are a safety hazard in mountainous regions and the focus of our conversation with D.J. Gerken, Senior Attorney for the Southern Environmental Law Center and Nikki Donin, whose parents lost their home due to a preventable landslide. We discuss the history and background of this issue and the current efforts, locally and statewide, to address some solutions that will benefit homeowners, builders and Realtors.
Part One. Originally aired 5-2-2010.
Part Two. Originally aired 5-2-2010.

"Our Southern Community" offers a special "Postcards to the President" program, comments from the people of Western North Carolina as President Obama and family vacations in Asheville at the Grove Park Inn. Recorded on the streets, on the UNCA campus and various locations, these audio 'postcards' express the individual opinions and thoughts of those who participated. Additionally, this program briefly explores one new issue that was raised by several citizens, the possibility of a high level nuclear waste dump in WNC.
Part One. Originally aired 4-25-2010.
Part Two. Originally aired 4-25-2010.

Earth Day's 40th Celebration is the topic as we join the Environmental and Conservation Organization's Executive Director David Weintraub, George Tregay, Chair of the Energy Committee and Kara Raymond, Water Quality Specialist for ECO in a discussion of the history of Earth Day, the successes to date, the challenges that remain and a range of options that each of us can take to improve and protect the environment. ECO's own anniversary coincides with their Earth Day Celebration, with an educational and entertaining day of festivities April 24th, at the Blue Ridge Community College in Flat Rock, NC.
Part One. Originally aired 4-18-2010.
Part Two. Originally aired 4-18-2010.

Part Two of our conversation with Professor Karl Grossman, Professor of Journalism New York State University, on the militarization and nuclearization of space.
Part One. Originally aired 4-11-2010.
Part Two. Originally aired 4-11-2010.

A fascinating conversation about the history, and current plans, for nuclearization and militarization of space with Professor of Journalism Karl Grossman, New York State University. The past and potential impacts on our environment, economics and security are discussed, from World War II, the beginnings of the space program and into current planning know as "Star Wars" to the general public. This program is the first half of a two part interview.
Part One. Originally aired 4-4-2010.
Part Two. Originally aired 4-4-2010.

"Operation: Medicine Drop" tackles several major problems we face today, from drug abuse and overdosing to water way contamination and unintended health impacts. Join Henderson County Sheriff Rick Davis and Lt. McKay, along with Hartwell Carson, River Keeper for the French Broad watershed with the Western North Carolina Alliance, for a program recorded on location at one of several recent drop off events. The sheer volume of pharmaceuticals prescribed today is impacting our water supplies and creating drug enforcement problems. The intersection of these two issues is the focus of a surprisingly effective program, "Operation: Medicine Drop".
Part One. Originally aired 3-28-2010.
Part Two. Originally aired 3-28-2010.

Dr. Stan Dienst of WNC Physicians for Social Responsibility and Mary Olson, SE Coordinator for Nuclear Information and Resource Service, outline the new effort to develop space based weapons and the inherent threats to our safety, economy and environment that they pose. This conversation is an introduction to a complex issue and an invitation to a free public presentation on the subject by Karl Grossman, Professor of Journalism, New York University, Thursday March 25 at UNC Asheville campus.
Part One. Originally aired 3-21-2010.
Part Two. Originally aired 3-21-2010.

Join us for a wide ranging conversation with Rose Senehi, author of "A Wind in the Woods", Sandy Shenk, Executive Director of the Green River Preserve and Chuck McGrady, Executive Director of Youth Camps in NC as we explore the century old tradition of regional summer camps and the challenges they face today. Rose's latest book weaves together a tale of drama, love and children set in a landscape of the struggle for conservation and family values, loosely based on the history of the Green River Preserve, one of the premier summer camps in the the Southeast. Discover the positive and effective efforts underway to keep this natural heritage alive for future generations.
Part One. Originally aired 3-14-2010.
Part Two. Originally aired 3-14-2010.

The second half of our discussion of the developing Smart Grid technologies, with Robert Sipes, VP of Distribution for Progress Energy Carolinas. Net metering, 'sell all' programs, solar thermal, home weatherization, the economic impacts on lower income customers and increasing the reliability of the grid infrastructure itself are discussed.
Part One. Originally aired 3-7-2010.
Part Two. Originally aired 3-7-2010.

What happens when you roll a 'Lucky 7' with energy, environment, economics, education, entertainment, Evergreen and Eleanor? It's a sure bet that it has to do with the annual "Caring Artists for Evergreen" special community event! Join Eleanor Ashton, Communications Director & Terry Deal, Environmental Programs Coordinator, from Evergreen Community Charter School along with the Evergreen Community Players for a special program. John Swann with Greenlife Grocery, Sara Widenhouse CAFE Chairperson, Steve Heiselman a businessman and CAFE supporter, Jennifer Brewer with Earth Fare, Jeff Kinzel and Jimmy O'Neal, both renowned artists and craftsmen, join together for a lively, impromptu interview in support of quality education and community efforts.
Part One. Originally aired 2-28-2010.
Part Two. Originally aired 2-28-2010.

Watt's up with the new "Smart Grid"? Join us for Part One of a two part conversation with Robert Sipes, VP of Distribution for Progress Energy of the Carolinas, outlining the new developments and long term goals in upgrading the current electrical grid to a modern 'interactive' power grid. What does it mean for the grid to be Smart? What are the benefits to the consumer? What are some of the factors and considerations in it's implementation?
Part One. Originally aired 2-21-2010.
Part Two. Originally aired 2-21-2010.

The Nauhaus Institute, pronounced "Now House", is an innovative project for highly efficient building, combining natural materials and modern technology. Clarke Schnell, Managing Director of the NauHaus project and Mike Figura, board member and owner of Mosaic Community Lifestyle Realty, discuss the remarkable features of the NauHaus effort and the extensive community collaboration with regional businesses and professionals. What happens when home building engineers, designers, contractors and architects work as a team from the very beginning? A home that might just be the most energy efficient in the United States!
Part One. Originally aired 2-14-2010.
Part Two. Originally aired 2-14-2010.

"Gravity Racers On a Mission" - GROM - is a new non-profit educational effort to mentor young bike riders in the exciting sport of downhill racing. Christopher Herndon, GROM President and Head Coach, and Joh Tuttle, GROM Women's Coach, are both championship-winning riders dedicated to sharing their years of experience with up-and-coming racers. From WNC and Clemson to California, Scotland and New Zealand, they offer some of their personal racing stories and character-building adventures. Despite budget and logistic challenges, they're determined to give our young community an opportunity not only to win national and international championships, but also develop focus, coordination and positive life skills in the process.
Part One. Originally aired 2-7-2010.
Part Two. Originally aired 2-7-2010.

Blue Ridge Biofuels General Manager, Scott Barnwell, and Production Manager, Woody Eaton, provide an update on the success, but also the new challenges, in the biofuels industry. While technical issues with biodiesel have been resolved, U.S. Senate inaction has created a serious 'bump in the road', threatening as many as 20,000 jobs nationwide in the biofuels industry. Blue Ridge Biofuels business model of using recycled waste oil only, producing multiple blends for many applications, the food vs. fuel issue, local economic benefits and more are discussed in this timely and informative interview recorded on location at the Phil Mechanic Studios in Asheville, NC.
Part One. Originally aired 1-31-2010.
Part Two. Originally aired 1-31-2010.

An inspiring, encouraging interview about the Green Opportunity Corp efforts of sustainable job creation and local community action. Asheville 'GO' graduates Jamison Dickerson and Darius Edgerton, with Energy Team Coordinator Torin Kexel, discuss their training and goals in a 'green' economy. Clean energy, building weatherization, agriculture and more form the basis for developing needed job skills in this remarkably successful program targeting members of our community often disregarded. If you're looking for good news...this is it!
Part One. Originally aired 1-24-2010.
Part Two. Originally aired 1-24-2010.

Matt Siegel, Executive Director of the WNC Green Building Council and Maggie Leslie, Programs Director for WNCGBC, discuss the Green Building Council's efforts over the years and currently to promote and develop better housing through education, information and implementation of a range of programs. NC's Healthy Built Homes program, the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design program (LEED) and a range of their educational presentations to builders, homeowners, buyers and sellers in the region have helped make WNC a leader in "green" building. Program benefits, tax credits & incentives, maintaining the investment in your home and more.
Part One. Originally aired 1-17-2010.
Part Two. Originally aired 1-17-2010.

Cecil Bothwell, author, commentator, social activist and newly elected Asheville, NC, City Councilperson joins host Ned Ryan Doyle for a "Decade in Review", looking back on the events impacting our environment, energy and economics. From Enron to China, recycling to rainfall, oil prices to green building, and even his brief international Internet fame, Cecil outlines some of the high - and low - points of the last decade, with the promise of hope for the next decade.
Part One. Originally aired 1-03-2010.
Part Two. Originally aired 1-03-2010.

Dr. Richard Fireman, Public Policy Coordinator for Interfaith Power & Light, a program of the NC Council of Churches, discusses the challenges we face with climate change and our moral responsibility for addressing this critical issue from a spiritual perspective, as well as scientific. Copenhagen, Mountain Top Removal mining, melting glaciers, and the disproportionate impacts of climate change as a result of human activities are some of the problems discussed, while offering solutions of embracing compassion, respect for life and living a spiritually active life.
Part One. Originally aired 12-27-2009.
Part Two. Originally aired 12-27-2009.

Jennifer Rennicks, Federal Policy Director for the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, discusses the background and issues of energy policy and climate change at Copenhagen's UN International Climate Conference. Attending the ICC, along with Dr. Stephen Smith, SACE Director, and other staff, Jennifer outlines both positive and negative outcomes for the Southeast impacting agriculture, energy, economics and climate. Follow live blogs, twitter, webinars and more of the historic ICC meeting from www.cleanenergy.org
Part One. Originally aired 12-13-2009.
Part Two. Originally aired 12-13-2009.

One of the most important common denominators in understanding the relationships of energy, environment and economic issues is education. Nancy Doyle shares her decades of experience as a successful and effective teacher, and reflects on the responsibilities of educators, students and their parents in today's complex world. A serious discussion, yet light hearted and personal, of a range of topics from public school financing to a reading of Emily Dickinson's poem "Hope".
Part One. Originally aired 12-06-2009.
Part Two. Originally aired 12-06-2009.

Award winning Evergreen Community Charter School in Asheville, NC, invites you to visit and explore environmental education, a community cob and straw bale building project, student interview and the 3rd grade class singing the original song “We All Live Downstream”. Eleanor Ashton and Terry Deal, Evergreen faculty, along with Heath Moody, building instructor at AB-Tech, and Tony Burskins, cob builder and community collaborator, take part in a charming and eclectic program about environmental education.
Part One. Originally aired 11-29-2009.
Part Two. Originally aired 11-29-2009.

Talking Turkey at Thanksgiving… and chickens, cows and pigs, too! Informative and thought provoking, Stewart David of Carolina Animal Action discusses the impacts of the current industrial meat production systems on our environment, climate change, world hunger issues, health and more. Ben Franklin’s choice for our national bird? What inconvenient truth did Al Gore gloss over? Does a canine tooth make you a carnivore?
Part One. Originally aired 11-22-2009.
Part Two. Originally aired 11-22-2009.

Should commercial wind power be permitted through a NC state & local regulatory process or be banned in Western North Carolina? Russel Blevins, Coordinator for the Mountain Valleys Resource Conservation & Development, Inc, Paul Quinlan, Director of Economic Research & Development with the NC Sustainable Energy Association, and Ulla Britt-Reeves, Program Coordinator with Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (2nd half of program) join host Ned Ryan Doyle for a discussion of the issue following a public wind forum held 11-11-09.
Part One. Originally aired 11-15-2009.
Part Two. Originally aired 11-15-2009.

With both energy and climate national legislation headline stories, Our Southern Community shares breaking news about the so called 'new generation' of nuclear reactors that casts a serious cloud over their costs and engineering viability. Mary Olson, Southeast Coordinator for the Nuclear Information and Resource Network, NIRS, discusses the latest information and the tens of billions in tax dollars being lobbied for by the nuclear industry, despite far less expensive and far more effective options available today to address climate change, energy needs and the economy.
Part One. Originally aired 11-08-2009.
Part Two. Originally aired 11-08-2009.

Our Southern Community visits Hendersonville High School in Henderson, NC for their Symposium on Sustainability week and Habitat for Humanity project that included 700 students helping to build a home. Kay Youngblood, HHS social studies teacher and coordinator, Julie Honeycutt Resources Development Director for Habitat for Humanity and HHS senior students Olivia Palmer and Tyler Matthews discuss this unique educational and community service effort.
Part One. Originally aired 11-01-2009.
Part Two. Originally aired 11-01-2009.

Betty Robinson, 87 years young, talks of her life and her ongoing activism from the 1940's to today. Artist, activist and computer savvy budding author, she offers insights and opinions on environmental and social issues from a long term perspective that can empower anyone at any age. Arrested for civil disobedience protesting Duke Power's coal fired Cliffside plant just this past April, she demonstrates you're never to old to take a stand!
Part One. Originally aired 10-25-2009.
Part Two. Originally aired 10-25-2009.

Electric vehicles for neighborhood and community use with a 50 mile range are here today. Susan Murdoch, co-owner of Murdoch Golf & Specialty Vehicles in Etowah NC, discusses the background, development, history, tax incentives and efforts to expand awareness for these street legal, low cost, zero emission point-of-use vehicles. DC motors or AC motors, safety equipment requirements, emerging legislation and more is covered.
Part One. Originally aired 10-18-2009.
Part Two. Originally aired 10-18-2009.

Our Southern Community visits Appalachian State University in Boone, NC to interview Dr. Dennis Scalin, Director of the AT Programs, about the potential for responsible wind power in North Carolina. Green jobs, regional economic development, educational programs and environmental protection are some of the benefits associated with clean, renewable wind energy.
Part One. Updated from the original broadcast June, 2009.
Part Two. Updated from the original broadcast June, 2009.

PowerShift 09 and environmental activism is discussed with Nina Otter and Mark Begley, seniors at Warren Wilson College in the Environmental Leadership Program. Speaking for themselves as engaged young environmental activists, they discuss the issues, their motivations, the options and our responsibility for a sustainable future, such as the upcoming PowerShift 09 conferences with thousands of students nationwide.
Part One. Originally aired 9-27-2009.
Part Two. Originally aired 9-27-2009.

Tracey Davids, Executive Director, and Ben Pretor, Associate Director, of WildSouth — a public lands conservation organization serving the SE region — discuss the achievements and successes in protecting the regional environment, current heritage preservation programs and more in context of the new awareness and appreciation of the need to conserve our natural treasures.
Part One. Originally aired 9-20-2009.
Part Two. Originally aired 9-20-2009.

Duke Energy is asking the NC Utilities Commission to charge ratepayers nearly 2 billion dollars to complete the coal burning Cliffside project. The first of several rate increase proposals range from 18% to 20% of current charges. Ulla Reeves, Regional Program Director for the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy; Julie Mayfield, Executive Director of the WNC Alliance; Dr. Richard Fireman Public Policy Coordinator for InterFaith Power & Light and Mike Cherin, organizer for the Energy Action Coalition join host Ned Ryan Doyle for a panel discussion of why the Cliffside coal burning project is not needed and is a poor investment for ratepayers, citizens and the environment.
Part One. Originally aired 9-13-2009.
Part Two. Originally aired 9-13-2009.

Maggie Ullman, Energy Coordinator for the City of Asheville, NC, discusses the benefits and $65,000 in savings already achieved on the municipal level by implementing a more holistic energy strategy. Beyond traditional conservation efforts, Maggie explains the range of approaches from employee participation to data management making Asheville a regional leader in approaching energy use, conservation and reducing the overall 'carbon footprint' of a city.
Part One. Originally aired 9-09-2009.
Part Two. Originally aired 9-09-2009.

John Swann, co-owner of GreenLife Grocery and owner of Maple Creek Farms, offers a detailed explanation of the negative impacts of current agricultural practice, from chemical use and soil depletion to loss of genetic diversity, while highlighting the positive solutions for long term sustainable food production options that are already developing today.
Part One. Originally aired 8-16-2009.
Part Two. Originally aired 8-16-2009.

Mike & Paula Moore of Ampmobiles Conversions, LLC share the latest on electric vehicles, battery technology, the expanding commercial market and the increasing demand for personal conversion vehicles that are fully electric. Experienced conversion experts, they outline the requirements and their approach to teaching Do-It-Yourself conversions with intensive workshops that include hands on construction of an electric vehicle in each class.
Part One. Originally aired 8-09-2009.
Part Two. Originally aired 8-09-2009.

Jeff Brooks, spokesperson for Progress Energy Carolinas, outlines a range of new company programs for residential and business customers, such as Energy Wise, Home Energy Improvement Program, Sunsense and more that offer information, guidance, rebates and other support to encourage energy efficiency and clean energy development, increase community involvement, such as the "250 MW of Community Action" effort and help transition to a new utility model for providing energy services beyond traditional power generation.
Part One. Originally aired 8-02-2009.
Part Two. Originally aired 8-02-2009.

Jill Rios, Director of Interfaith Power and Light, a program of the NC Council of Churches, talks about the range of their programs designed to engage the faith communities in environmental stewardship, from energy efficiency in church buildings and homes to educational opportunities, plus the upcoming "Faith in Action", a special forum of diverse regional faith leaders exploring how anyone can make a difference in protecting our planet.
Part One. Originally aired 7-26-2009.
Part Two. Originally aired 7-26-2009.

Mountain Top Removal is the topic of the discussion as Mike Roselle, long time nationally known activist, explains the devastation of coal extraction in West Virgina from this mining practice that levels biodiverse regions into gravel fields and destroys streams, fills in valleys and impacts local communities. A first hand account of the hidden costs of coal extraction in one of the poorest states in America.
Part One. Originally aired 7-19-2009.
Part Two. Originally aired 7-19-2009.

Dave Hollister, CEO of Sundance Power Systems, Inc. in Weaverville, NC and long time environmental leader discusses the expanding solar and clean energy economy, the investments and incentives in renewable technologies for homeowners and businesses alike, framed in a larger social and environmental perspective.
Part One. Originally aired 7-12-2009.
Part Two. Originally aired 7-12-2009.

The WNC Alliance's Executive Director Julie Mayfield, Outreach Manger Ryan Griffith, and Chair of Steering Committee D.J. Gerken discuss environmental activism in the region, transitions over the years into professional careers and the opportunities today for citizens to preserve their local communities.
Part One. Originally aired 7-05-2009.
Part Two. Originally aired 7-05-2009.

Dr. Larry Shirley, Director of the NC State Energy Office and Reid Conway, SEO Programs Manager, join Ned Ryan Doyle for an up to date discussion on energy issues in the region, including state government initiatives for energy efficiency, clean energy generation potential and new citizen and utility cooperation with the proposed "250 MegaWatts of Community Action" campaign.
Part One. Originally aired 6-28-2009.
Part Two. Originally aired 6-28-2009.

Tom Rioux, founder and owner of Earthpaint, Inc., discusses his development of a unique line of internationally available natural, non-toxic wood finishes and paints, after his personal experience of severe allergic reactions to conventional petrochemical paints.
Part One. Originally aired 6-14-2009.
Part Two. Originally aired 6-14-2009.

Mary Olson, Southeast Coordinator for the Nuclear Information and Resource Service, outlines the escalating cost estimates, federal taxpayer burdens, waste storage expenses and 'tax hikes' for utility customers associated with the proposed new nuclear power plants in the nation.
Part One. Originally aired 6-07-2009.
Part Two. Originally aired 6-07-2009.

Greg Lavell and David Madiera of Hemtech LLC discuss industrial hemp applications, some history and green building techniques using hemp with host Ned Ryan Doyle
Part One. Originally aired 5-31-2009.
Part Two. Originally aired 5-31-2009.

Cecil Bothwell, author, commentator, writer and green policy advocate joins Ned Ryan Doyle for a lively romp of global, national and local issues of the environment, energy & economics.
Part One. Originally aired 5-24-2009.
Part Two. Originally aired 5-24-2009.

Author and journalist Michael Hopping reports on the 2 years of meetings held by the Community Energy Advisory Council, a project of Progress Energy of the Carolinas, formed in the wake of a Woodfin power plant rejected by the citizens of WNC.
Part One, original air date 5-10-09.
Part Two, original air date 5-10-09.


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