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SunergizeWNC is a non-profit community campaign to educate and empower homeowners and businesses to ‘Go Solar’. Dave Hollister, co-owner of Sundance Power Systems, joins host Ned Ryan Doyle for a discussion of the background, development and objectives of SunergizeWNC. Free educational workshops, collaboration with solar contractors and regional organizations combine to offer a new way to both expand clean energy ownership and help reduce costs. Original Air Date 9-21-14
Sunergize first half 9-21-14
Sunergize second half 9-21-14

Join us for FREE SunergizeWNC ‘Portal to the Sun’ workshops!

Are you ready to ‘Go Solar’? If you’re a homeowner or businesses, find out with our pre-qualification workshops. No sales pitch, no pressure, no deadlines, no gimmicks, simply the information you need BEFORE you call the solar contractor of your choice!
And.. you can request free SunergizeWNC workshops for your organization or community!

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