Building Community with Brotherhug Barlow

Brotherhug goodA wonderful conversation with Brotherhug Barlow, the ever charming Communitarian! What do greenways, community spaces, air conditioning, front porches, abandoned rail lines, creeks, home design and gardening have in common? They can either build community or hinder building community, as Brotherhug explains in a fun discussion with host Ned Ryan Doyle.

Brotherhug and his family spent many years in the Five Points area of Atlanta before settling in Asheville, experiencing and learning what it takes to bring people together in communities on a truly local level, from pot luck suppers and music gatherings to local food coops and even banking! With a talent and passion for greenways and open spaces, Brotherhug as been an effective advocate for community and organizational collaboration in developing the Hominy Creek Greenway  and much more. With a wonderful dose of historical facts surrounding the current Asheville Buncombe efforts to connect open spaces, provide walking and biking opportunities and preserve environmentally and socially valuable resources, a wonderful interview!

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Brotherhug Barlow, 1st half

Brotherhug Barlow, 2nd half

Zev Friedman, Permaculturalist

ZevWhat do permaculture, kudzu, milpas, climate change, biochar, building community and education have in common? Zev Friedman! An interesting, fact filled discussion on forest farming, sustainable agriculture, hands on education and much more.

Zev is Vice President at Living Systems Design, Co-Leader of Permaculture In Action, Instructor at the School of Integrated Living and received his B.S. in Human Ecology from UNC Asheville in 2004.   Zev spends lots of time growing, gathering and processing perennial and annual foods, medicines and craft materials, and uses that experience to create hands-on classes in permaculture and earthskills.  He makes his living as a professional permaculture designer and teacher, and seeks to connect landowners, farming families and other stakeholders to grow multi-generational, carbon-sequestering village culture through that consulting work.

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And watch Zev’s intriguing TedX Katuah talk: Our Budding Forest Economy.

Mercury in Your Mouth? A visit to Dr. Matthew Young, DDS.

MattYoungHeadshotWhat’s in YOUR mouth? We know about the hazards of mercury from coal burning power plants and industry, but do you know millions still have mercury fillings in their teeth? Dr. Matthew Young discusses the science and the health impacts of mercury fillings, options to replace them, the global effort to ban mercury from the environment, best practices for removal of dental mercury and even a bit of the history of mercury fillings!

MattYoungproceduremercuryInvited to attend a global IAOMT conference in Australia this year for his efforts, Dr. Young works with a range of professionals in education and awareness. His practice in Hendersonville, NC provides the only nationally available  ‘real time’ mercury measurements during the dental removal process, a comprehensive biologic approach and custom designed and made, while you wait,  mercury free crowns, fillings and more. For more information, visit .

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Mercury in your Mouth? 1st half

Mercury in your Mouth? 2nd half

Mary Olson, Nuclear Information and Resource Services

Mary-Olson-wuft headshot      Mary Olson, the SE Coordinator for the Nuclear Information and Resource Service , brings her expertise and positive viewpoints to explain the nuclear plant shutdowns in the United States due to economic and safety issues, regional risks of dam failures to nuclear plants,  her presentation at the Vienna Conference on women’s health risks, the ongoing problem of nuclear waste and upcoming presentations sponsored by WNC Physicians for Social Responsibility.

Did you know women are at greater risk than men and young girls are at greater risk than young boys, from the same dose of radiation? That ratepayers are saving money as a result of nuclear power plant shutdowns? That proposed carbon rules are being co-opted by dirty energy industry’s lobbying? That nuclear power is not the answer to climate change? Ned Ryan Doyle hosts an update from an international expert on the issues.

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Mary Olson, NIRS 1st half

Mary Olson, NIRS 2nd half

Lang Hornthal with Root Cause and Appalachian Designs

Ned Lang innterviewLang Hornthal, Founder and Executive Director of Root Cause and owner of Appalachian Designs, joins Our Southern Community for a discussion of forestry in the Carolinas,  invasive species,value added benefits of sustainable forest management, and the 2014 Root Cause Award Winners including Max Woody  for his Lifetime Achievements, the Forest Stewards organization and Platt Architecture for business.

Plus, the ongoing effort to develop a regional directory for wood products, crafts people, wood workers and much more. What’s the CFLRP?  Hosts Ned Ryan Doyle and Michelle Smith visited the Appalachian Design wood working shop, for a ‘live at the time’ interview! Original Air Date 1-18-15

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Root Cause First Half

Root Cause Second Half

Michael Gentry The Sustainable Gourmet

Gentry   Michael Gentry, the famous ‘Sustainable Gourmet’ and host of “Everyone Cooks” experiences, joins hosts Michelle Smith and Ned Ryan Doyle for an enlightening and informative conversation on sustainable eating, food preparation, health benefits of a plant based diet, food sourcing from local farms and the wild, gleaning and the importance of being thankful for our abundance.

For 15 years, Michael has taught and shared the joys of local foods, wild foods and cooking – all with a flair, fun and education! Original Air Date 12-14-14

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Sustainable Gourmet 1st half

Sustainable Gourmet 2nd half

Patchwork Urban Farms Crowdfunding Campaign

SunilThe innovative  Patchwork Urban Farms effort, led by Farmer & Founder Sunil Patel, merges land with landless farmers, builds the soil, creates food and jobs, offers education and community interactions while providing a positive vision for urban areas and a new agriculture.

The Crowdfunding Campaign is based on 7 Pledges from Sunil and Patchwork Urban Farms…. listen as hosts Ned Ryan Doyle and Michelle Smith explore the environmental, energy and economic benefits of Patchwork Urban Farms! Original Air Date 1-11-15.

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Patchwork Urban Farms first half.

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Year in Review 2014 with Cecil Bothwell


Cecil Bothwell, author, artist, builder and Asheville City Council member, joins us for the 2014 Year in Review of Our Southern Community

Cecil Bothwell, Asheville City Councilperson, author, builder, artist and social activist, joins Our Southern Community for our annual Year in Review of the News!

From national to local, politics, energy, environment and economic events, we discuss – and get a few chuckles- reviewing 2014’s headlines: China’s climate agreement to local hotels, coal ash to Moral Monday Movement, regional tourism and development issues, gas prices, Green Opportunities and the Eddington Center, ObamaCare and Bernie Sanders’ 12 Point economic agenda…. and more, with hosts Ned Ryan Doyle and Michelle Smith! Original Air Date 1-5-15.

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2014 Year in Review first half

2014 Year in Review second half

Joann McCoy, NC Arboretum Germplasm Project

Joann McCoy, Director of the NC Arboretum Germplasm Repository, joins co-hosts JoannMcCoy Ned Ryan Doyle and Michelle Smith to discuss the ongoing project of saving the genetic material and seeds from a range of plant species native to the Southern Appalachian region.

The Germplasm Repository locates and identifies native botanicals such as black cohosh and other medicinal herbs, ginseng and more, cataloging, saving samples, recording locations of populations and in depth analysis of active components.

Collaborating with global seed banks to protect genetic material from climate change, cooperating with Cherokee tribal leaders to preserve their traditional species, the economic benefits of protecting native species and much more. Original Air Date 12-28-14

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Joann McCoy First Half

Joann McCoy Second Half

More about the NC Arboretum Germplasm Repository

Marc Williams, Ethnobotany: the interrelationships between plants and people

marc-williams_ethnobotanyMarc Williams, Ethnobotanist and Executive Director of Plant and healers International, visits for a discussion of ethnobotany, the study of the interrelationships of plants and people. A world traveler in his pursuit of botantical knowledge, he brings insights and information on a wide range of aspects, including fermentation and probiotics, and mushrooms, to the human biology of bacteria and fungus! Original Air Date 12-21-14

Check out Marc’s online classes at

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Ethnobotany 1st half 12-21-14
Ethnobotany 2nd half 12-21-14